Technology and Wedding Planning During the Corona Pandemic

2020 has been a roller-coaster ride so far and the corona pandemic is the major contributor when it comes to disasters during the year. No one saw the pandemic coming, hence every country is struggling to contain it. Countries are heavily relying on technology to beat the virus. Not only that, but technology has also become a huge part of people’s day to day life. From digital payments to ordering groceries and essentials online, people are relying heavily on tech and this translates to weddings too! Now more than ever, technology has become an integral part of wedding planning.

So, here’s how you can use tech to plan your wedding during the corona pandemic!

Technology and Corona Wedding Planning
Technology and Corona Wedding Planning

#1. How to start planning?

You’re going to have a micro-wedding with no more than 50 guests because it’s the law! So, the guest list is going to be small and you need not worry about choosing a huge venue. Many opt to get married at their home or farmhouse and are rarely looking for venues. So, planning is going to be very easy. To get some ideas, scour the internet and look at the blogs, forums etc. for some ideas and inspiration. We even have an exclusive WhatsApp group for couples. From planning tips to ideas and information related to a corona wedding, you can ask for anything in the group. To join, simply click here!

#2. Choosing vendors

You need to choose your vendors carefully. Also since this situation is quite uncertain, agree upon an exit clause with your vendor. At this time, you can only opt for local vendors. Also since there should be no more than 50 people present at your wedding, choose only the absolutely necessary vendors. Wedding caterers, makeup artists, wedding photographer and decorators are the absolutely necessary vendors. So, search online and choose the one you like and get on a Zoom call with them to figure out the logistics. 

#3. Wedding websites, e-invites and wedding apps

Indians are well-known for their tradition of inviting wedding guests in person. But when it comes to corona, we recommend to not take that risk now. So, opt for online wedding invitations and wedding websites. They are easy to share and create. A wedding website has all the information related to your wedding, From your story, function details to the guest book and gift registry, the wedding website has everything. You can also use wedding apps, as they are just your wedding website turned into a wedding app. Wedding Wishlist offers Vowed, a progressive web app that is basically your wedding website but also offers the option to create a community with your guests. You can make announcements, send out messages etc. with the app and what’s more, it requires absolutely minimum space!

#4. Gift registry

Now more than ever, a wedding gift registry has become absolutely necessary. When it comes to weddings, gifting is the norm and the guests would like to contribute something meaningful to the couple’s new start. But sourcing and finding gifts amidst this corona pandemic can put their health at risk. So simply create a gift registry and share it with your guests so they know what you want. They can purchase any gift from your registry online and they get delivered to you safe and sound. This keeps both you and your guests safe. 

#5. Virtual Wedding

With the guest list coming down from 1000 to just a mere 50, a lot of people who mean a lot to you won’t be attending the wedding. So opt for live-streaming and zoom weddings so that each and every person close to you can be a part of your big day. We even offer a virtual usher and separate zoom calls for different groups of guests so everyone is comfortable. The virtual usher assists people if they’re facing any tech-related issues and keep things smooth. Virtual weddings are the no.1 trend when it comes to weddings during the corona pandemic and truly help couples have their dream wedding.

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