5 Things to Do If Your Wedding Was Postponed by Coronavirus

With countless couples having to postpone their wedding due to Coronavirus, happily ever afters have been temporarily deferred. Couples are left wondering when and how their big day will happen, and it can be disheartening, to say the least. A Wedding Wishlist couple, Pallab and Rishika, who’s 26th April wedding has been postponed, tell us how they’ve been navigating through this difficult time. 

So, here’s Pallab and Rishika’s take on how to cope if you’re wedding got postponed due to coronavirus!

Pallab & Rishika on Coronavirus
Pallab & Rishika on Coronavirus

#1. Forget the planning you did. It’s time to replan! 

Our families spent many arduous months planning every little detail of the wedding—from hotels to invites, guest list and more. And when it all had to be cancelled due to coronavirus, it took us a while to get over it. It was very heartbreaking. But now, we have to focus on the replanning of the wedding, whenever it happens next. Vendors are being helpful and have agreed to postpone their services to a later date or refund the money, but everything is verbal right now. So a good thing to do would be to spend some time sorting out cancellations and postponements. 

#2. Birbal was a wise man, take his advice! 

For all those couples who are disappointed, let me share something that Birbal once wrote for Akbar and will hopefully give you strength. Akbar asked Birbal to write something that would make him happy when he reads it in sad times, and sad when he reads it in happy times. Birbal thus wrote …. “Yeh Waqt Guzar Jaye Ga” (This time shall pass).

#3. If you’ve got a do-over, do it better! 

My fiancé is my source of strength and she is taking this time in the most positive way possible. She believes that this time will give us a chance to prepare better for the wedding—better sangeet moves, more opportunity to shed weight, better weather for a wedding than the scorching heat of April and May… The point is, it’s going to be postponed, might as well make the most of it. 

#4. It’s time to pay it forward.

Having witnessed the uncertainty of life during this pandemic, we have decided to cut our wedding budget and donate the remaining money towards improving life in the post-pandemic world. We have already donated some amount to the CM’s Relief fund and we plan to donate further for needy people. We’ll get married when we can and nothing can change what is already destined; coronavirus is just a small scar which shall heal up eventually. But if you can make the healing better for others, just do it. 

#5. Now, more than ever, technology will lead the way…

I believe, after the pandemic is over, its fears will haunt all of us for a long period. With the fear of coronavirus travelling with currency notes, people may prefer digital modes of money transaction. People have also become aware of the needs of Earth and how the environment is improving during this lockdown. Hopefully, this will serve as an encouragement to ensure that weddings become more environment friendly through e-cards, online wedding gifts etc. People will surely ensure better hygiene and availability of bare minimum medical assistance during the events. And may be the idea of online marriages may not come as a surprise to us in future.

“In times of such daunting uncertainty, where even the morning sunlight is just a flickering hope, you and I will defy all odds, all known uncertainties. These small gestures of holding the hand, the evening walk amidst this sudden silence of the Universe, the restlessness of lockdown, the anguish of postponements, the endless ticking of time, we, will defy all odds; to be together, to be us, to be certain in these times of such daunting uncertainty.” – Rishika and Pallab.

Here’s the couple’s love story….

My fiancé and I both did our Masters from the UK in the same year, and often were in the same city, but never met back then. After returning from the UK I decided to work as an academician. After a year and a half of my working there, my fiancé came to the same university for a job interview. It was on this day that I saw her for the first time and got to know about her through a common friend. She was so nervous about the interview that she did not even notice me. But the day she joined, I left for summer school in Vienna. It was only after my return that I really met her for the first time. It was like a cliché Bollywood story where we crossed each other’s path on so many occasions but never really met until after three years.

Over the period of the next six months, we occasionally spoke and managed to steal some moments to exchange shayaris. It was in January 2019 that she had just finished giving a presentation after which she looked at me and called “One minute, Pallab Sir!” for some work. Well, that work then turned into a long drive with us discussing life and love. This drive then turned into a beautiful friendship, numerous hanging out sessions, and from a casual dating scene to a committed relationship. And to this day I feel glad that the “One Minute, Pallab Sir” happened!

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