Super Cheesy Things Couples Do in Their Courtship Period!

The essence of a courtship period in a couple’s life is underrated if you ask me. You’re going to be spending your entire life with this one person (phew, that’s a WHOLE lot of time) and all the information in the world is not enough about him or her to make a decision this BIG! By grace through faith, you put your trust in this brief period of roses and heebie-jeebies to get to know each other and feel closer than ever before, evaluating your heart’s decision to become one. This is exactly why you’re going to want to make this period count. Every minute, every day. 

Courtship Period
Courtship Period

So, here are ten super cheesy things couples do in their courtship period that you’ll do too!

1. Take a class- What’s a courtship without a commitment? 

Taking a class together requires some serious commitment to one another because it means that you have to show up on time every single day (kind of like marriage), and coordinate with each other while enjoying a little hobby that the two of you mutually agree on. Whether it’s doing some salsa, baking amateur pies, or messy old pottery, this cheesy courtship hobby can speak volumes about your day-to-day compatibility as a man and wife. 

2. Spam your ‘gram- A period of Photobooths

Everything is new and sparkly and the urge to capture every minute seems almost inescapable. Every couple in their courtship period loves all things mushy (even after having criticized these sappy acts in the past). Nothing says mushy like a few ‘couple goals’ shots. If your folks aren’t spammed with gooey pictures, matching tees, and wedding rings, are you even engaged? Social media to win!

3. Courtship period calls for a Romantic Getaway

Taking a mini-vacation or a road trip is literally the most cliche item on this list. What’s better than a honeymoon period you ask? A pre-honeymoon period. Young love, blushes, butterflies, AND a beach? Sounds almost irresistible. Now, the kind of vacay spot that you pick is, of course, debatable but driving to the location by road instead of taking a flight will just be amazing. A road trip only means longs hours of alone time together, a lot of thought sharing, and most importantly- A patience test. 

4. The Best Friend Introduction- A Courtship Compulsion 

Do you know what matters more than your families getting along? Your best friend and fiance getting along. If this doesn’t work, you are about to step into a puddle of complications. Your best friend or group of friends are an integral part of your world and you’re going to want to maintain that. A BFF approval is almost equivalent to a father’s approval if you ask me. If your man/lady makes a conscious effort to get along with your homies, this is an awww moment and you can be sure as hell they are ‘the one’.

5. Partner workouts: A limited-edition Courtship Period

Nothing says ‘Power couple’ like hitting the gym together. Not only are you going to witness a no-makeup, raw and sweaty side of your partner, but guess what? You’re going to be wedding-ready together! Sweat out the shy and put on your training shoes because things are about to get HOT. And what’s more, is that you’re going to be able to rock that low waist ghagra and slim-fit sherwani together. Step aside #DeepVeer, right? 

6. Form a book club of 2: A period of (Soul) Reading

This is probably one of the favorites for a bookworm on the list of schmaltzy to-dos in a courtship period. It doesn’t matter if y’all like the same food, actors, or TV shows. (okay maybe TV shows do because Netflix and cuddle are a bigger commitment than bringing a child into this world. “I solemnly vow to never watch a single new release episode of Sacred Games without you..”) Okay, we’re getting off track. The point is that you don’t have to have the same opinions but knowing and respecting each others’ opinions could go a long way in building a solid marriage. Having a book club means picking a book to read every week or two and discussing each other’s views at the end of it. Some soul searching, huh? 

7. A Courtship demands Picking Interiors together

After you get married, one of two things is likely to happen 1. You get your own apartment together. 2. Your fiance moves in with you (and your family). Either way, making room for them and re-decorating- even if it’s just a wee bit- is inevitable. Picking decors for your future house/room together can be really fun, among other things. You’re building a life together and building a home is just the beginning.

8. The Period of Wedding Planning!

Weddings can be a really stressful time and stressful events speak volumes about people’s personalities. Even if you’ve hired a wedding planner make sure to be involved. This period brings out a range of emotions, sometimes bittersweet and sometimes simply bitter due to a clash of ideas. Learning to adjust even with a difference in opinions is the essence of a healthy relationship and should be a top priority in your courtship period. Besides, planning together makes you both a team and can turn out to be great fun. 

9. Surprises are the essence of a Courtship 

Another cliche you couldn’t go wrong with. Surprising your fiance not only makes you look enthusiastic and spontaneous, but it also shows that you’re a thoughtful person who cares. Go big or go home. If you’re a hopeless romantic and are shy to express the same, don’t be. Don’t hide your extra slushy self in the fear that you won’t be appreciated. You’re going to be spending your entire life with this person. Write that poem and recite it. Surprise them with an entire orchestra. Show up at their doorstep with those concert tickets. Spoil them with jewelry (or candy shaped like jewelry). Do it for the thrill and do it because you know you want to. Who said romance is dead? 

10. Family Fun Time: A Courtship Pre-requisite 

Learning to love and respect each other’s maddening families is equally important as loving one another. Family dinners and brunches aside, try to accommodate a mini vacation with both your families. You’re thinking of the scene in Two States right now, aren’t you? Relax. Things will eventually fall into place. At least this way, any kind of disparities that exist will be out in an open way before the wedding day and can be resolved well in advance.

You might not agree on things, there might be silly arguments that give you cold feet but if you can find a way to cherish and adore one another despite all of this, you can be sure to make this lifelong commitment. Every relationship requires work. Teamwork. And while you’re on to solidifying this team of 2 in the courtship period, don’t forget to complement one another, flirt a little extra, and always make them feel like you’re their No.1 fan.

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