Tips to Recycle Cancelled COVID 19 Wedding Outfits For Winter

If you’re one of the many couples who’s wedding was postponed due to COVID 19, the likelihood is that your summer wedding will now become a winter one. And amongst all the other semantics you need to figure, there’s one question that’s plaguing (pun not intended) many brides—what to do with your beautifully selected outfits?

Repurpose Cancelled COVID 19 Wedding Outfits
Repurpose Cancelled COVID 19 Wedding Outfits

Well, there’s no need to let go of them just yet… here are some great ideas on how to repurpose the COVID 19 wedding outfits! 

Challenge 1: The Chill

Winter Wedding Outfits
Winter Wedding Outfits

So the most real problem you’ll be facing is that your outfits were probably designed to beat the heat—light fabrics, short sleeves (or without any), airy silhouettes. However, an unplanned winter wedding due to COVID 19 means quite the opposite as you don’t want to be freezing as you say I do! 

Solution: Assuming you’ll be wearing a lehenga or sari for the big day, an easy fix to this problem is to switch the blouse. Instead of reimagining or letting go of the entire outfit, just redo the blouse to something elegant in long sleeves and a richer fabric like velvet. 

If your wedding is in the early winters, the cancan under your lehenga should offer enough cold protection, but if it’s in the peak of the season, wear a pair of leg warmers underneath and you’ll be all set!  

Challenge 2: Colour Palette

Summer Wedding HuesSummer Wedding Hues
Summer Wedding Hues

If you went with a bright and vivacious summer palette for all your outfits, it may not seem to be a great fit for a winter wedding. Soft pastels or bright summery hues might be slightly contrary to the weather. 

Solution: While you can’t really change the colours of your outfits, you can definitely change the theme of your wedding. Plan your venues and décor around a summer theme—keep functions indoors, go for a brighter décor.  And given that you’re the bride, add a colour-based dress code for guests to keep the general palette more warm and welcoming.

Challenge 3: Too many outfits

The Makeshift Wardrobe
The Makeshift Wardrobe

Given the general uncertainty of the times, most couples are opting for a smaller wedding with limited guests and functions. And if that wasn’t your original plan, then you may find yourself with a whole lot of outfits that you have no use for. 

Solution: Too many clothes is never a bad thing, so this problem of plenty shouldn’t bother you much. However, given that you have options to choose from, you can now select those that work closest to your winter wedding requirements. Also, you can get inventive with mix and match, a runway trend that never seems to go out of fashion. Feel free to take elements of different outfits—a dupatta or a skirt—and pair them with separates to create a whole new look. Not only does that mean you can pick up the elements that best serve your current needs, but your original outfits stay new as ever, and can be worn at the many events you’ll be attending in the coming year. 

How are you repurposing your outfits? Share pictures with us! 

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