5 Things No One Will Tell You If You Are a Curvy Bride

Every Curvy bride somewhere on the spectrum of wedding research discovers one thing pretty early in her journey: the internet is full of advice, but never the right ones for curvy girls. Often the advice, suggestions, and ideas that curvy brides come across while preparing for their wedding are generic, ill-researched, and hypothetical. It becomes impossible to actually get any real help from them and they often end up misinforming, misguiding, and frustrating brides-to-be who are already in an overwhelming journey.

So if you are a curvy bride, who is tired of reading up every possible article on weddings, wedding dresses, and plus-size bridal shopping, and are not finding anything useful, consider this to be your dedicated cheat-sheet.

Curvy Bride
Curvy Bride

We are about to tell you a few things no one will tell you if you are a curvy bride.

#1. The Plus Size Budget

As unfair as the body shaming and the impossible pressure to lose weight that every curvy bride goes through is, one of the things that most curvy brides don’t know when they are starting out their dress planning is the complete lack of readymade clothing for plus sizes. So if you are starting out your shopping lists, allow some extra budget for getting customized fittings and stitching of your dresses. There is mostly extra cost involved in the making of non-standard-sized clothing. Given the amount of shopping we need to do as a bride, the costs can add up very quickly and dent your budget if not accounted for beforehand.

#2. Highlighter is not your best friend, Contour is

One of the major mistakes that most makeup artists make on the curvy bride is to use the same amount of highlighter on their faces as they would do on a standard-sized bride. A generous amount of highlighter used on a fuller, rounder face flattens out the structure of the face. This often results in flat photographs that don’t do justice to the beautiful bride at all. So hold back on the highlighter a little bit, and go generous with the contour. It will help define your face better, give you that killer jawline and face structure. Also, it will help make you look amazing in your photographs.

#3. Rehearsing your Close up Shots

If there is one regret that most curvy brides have about their wedding photographs, it is not paying attention to the angles of their closeup shots. The constant lights and camera flashes on your face already tend to have a flattening effect. If you have a fuller face, a low camera angle will almost never be flattering for you because it would focus on all the wrong areas.

Make sure you discuss the angles that work for your face with your photographer. Especially for your getting ready shots and the bridal photoshoot. Do your research with reference pictures, know your better side for the camera. Do a few test shots, especially for closeups to see if they are coming out the way you have envisioned them. While choosing your photographer, try to look for someone who has worked with curvy brides before. Every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day. And every bride with amazing photographs will tell you the practice and research they put into looking the way they do in those pictures. So don’t forget to do yours!

#4. Losing Weight the Right Way

Don’t try to lose too much weight by going on a crash diet. Although the pressure to lose weight is true for every bride, curvy brides face extra pressure. And absolutely unrealistic expectations regarding weight loss before their big day! While working towards becoming the healthiest, best version of yourself is a commendable journey, mostly that is not the goal curvy brides under pressure work with. 

Remember, if you go on fad diets and deprive your body of nutrition, you will end up affecting your immunity. That’s not good news. Also, getting clothes stitched several sizes smaller than your actual size as a motivation to lose weight is straight up a bad idea. Keep your weight loss journey realistic, healthy, and sane, and you will thank yourself in the long run!

#5. Own your Body and Slay, Queen

The biggest mistake curvy girls make on their D day is not being comfortable in their own skin. Embrace yourself, own your personality, and be YOU. Don’t try to hide behind your dupatta or get conscious about your smile every time you are getting clicked. Always remember, everyone already knows you, they have already seen you before the wedding whether in real life or in pictures. They already love you for who you are. It’s YOUR day after all, so chin up, and Be the absolute Queen that you are!

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