Decoding Wedding Invitations—What You Need to Send & To Whom

So, the dates have been decided, the venues have been booked and you are ready to take the final step towards making your wedding a reality: Getting the wedding invitations made. This part used to be fairly simple up until a few years back when all you needed to do was to visit the oldest invitation printing shop in town, which would have shown you a few designs within your budget, and you will be all set. 

But the story couldn’t be farther away from this in this day and age. Your wedding invitations are considered to be an extension of your personality, both individually and as a couple. Also, the cost-effectiveness, convenience and the sheer number of possibilities brought about by the digital space into this arena has brought in so many options that navigating through all the options has become a tedious task for every couple. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out with this maze. Here’s all you need to know about wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitations - Decoded
Wedding Invitations – Decoded

Types of Wedding Invitations:

#1.Physical Invitations: 

The Standard Invitation:

This is the most basic one of the lot. It contains minimum information, printed on a single sheet, or sometimes folded in a card style. It’s pretty cost-effective, even if you go for the slightly more elaborate ones. These wedding invitations are ideal for you if you are keeping the wedding a one-day affair where everyone is invited, for example, if you have had a court marriage and they are throwing a reception for family and friends. This one has an old-world simplicity and is perfect for you if you are an old soul.

Pros: Simple, elegant and timeless.

Cons: Relatively expensive and involves the hassle of having to be posted or handed in person.

Best For Mostly everyone. However, or your inner circle,we would definitely suggest a combination of this and some digital format.

The Multipage Invitation:

Fancy, elaborate and flexible, this one’s for you if you have multiple events at your wedding and a different attendance in mind for each. The multi-page format allows you to customise the events you invite each guest for while keeping parts of the card same for everyone. It ensures no unwanted guests for smaller events, and everyone gets invited for where you want them at in one go. The only downside with this kind of card is that sometimes with all the different pages, it gets bulky and that significantly affects your postage and courier costs, so do keep that in mind while going for this option.

Pros: Extensive, elaborate and traditional with a modern twist.

Cons: Expensive and bulky.

Best For Close family and friends, because of the cost involved. Go digital for the formal invites. 

#2. Digital Invitations

Video Invite:

This one has been pretty popular for a while now, and is often preferred by couples who want an elaborate wedding invitation but aren’t too sure of getting printed cards, or want traditional printed cards for close family and friends and a more contemporary wedding invitation for their colleagues and friends. It’s super customisable, you choose your vibe for the video. For an intimate touch, you can use bits from your pre-wedding shoot, or you can keep it slightly formal too with only graphics and information regarding the events. Its cost-effective, environment-friendly and great for those who want a little drama in their wedding invitations.

Pros: Intimate, aesthetic and great for keepsakes.

Cons: Cannot be printed.

Best for: Close family and Friends. Depending on the level of personalisation you can extend it to distant relatives and acquaintances as well. Combine it with a simple e-invite for everyone else.


Simple, super inexpensive and very very personalised, this one is what most modern couples opt for. It’s a single page wedding invitation that can be sent over email/WhatsApp, has all the important information and is customised according to the taste and aesthetics of the couple. You can even get this printed to act as physical invitations if needed. There is no end to the number of ways in which you can add personal touches to these wedding invitations. It is so easy on your pocket that you will have plenty of money to splurge in other areas of your wedding.

Pros: Super inexpensive, personal yet formal enough and versatile.

Cons: Cannot be very elaborate, or contain a lot of information.

Best for: Everyone, literally. However, you may complement it with a physical invitation (or get a few copies printed) for close family and friends as a keepsake if you like. 

Wedding Website:

For those who dream big, this is the one-stop solution to making their wedding invitation extensive. They can multipurpose and host everything from RSVP information to photo sharing to contact information in one place. There are multiple platforms that offer you wedding websites for a negligible cost or sometimes even for free, and you can set up an invitation, share your story, ask guests to register their RSVPs and even host your wedding registry on the website. It not only makes managing your wedding guests hassle-free, but also serves as a great memory wall once the wedding is over. Setting up the website is usually fairly simple, and most of the platforms offer ample assistance to the couple. So if you are a new age couple looking for a super cool wedding invitation, be sure to explore this option. 

Pros: Efficient, affordable and makes managing guest list really hassle-free.

Cons: May take some time and involvement on your part to get everything in place and going. 

Best for: Most people closer to you in age would really appreciate this. For older relatives, you may add a basic printed version. 
So, now that you are a pro at navigating the world of wedding invitations, you can choose one here.

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