The DeepVeer wedding fever has taken Bollywood by storm and unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve been swarmed with images of Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh heading to Lake Como to tie the knot! And while every decadent detail, from the breathtaking venue to designer outfits, is being discussed obsessively, we’ve got something the couple hasn’t spoken about. This heartwarming gesture by Deepika and Ranveer shows the couple is all about sharing the love on their big day!

A DeepVeer wedding trend you're all missing out on

A DeepVeer wedding trend you’re all missing out on

Keeping with the most touching trend to make its way into Indian weddings, the couple have chosen charitable contributions over wedding gifts. They have asked guests who wish to gift them something to make a contribution to Deepika’s Live, Love, Laugh Foundation. With the luxury of having everything they need already, this beautiful gesture will help raise money for a cause close to the couple’s hearts.

Deepika & Ranveer are known to be trendsetters and have never shirked away from speaking on issues they believe in. In fact, Deepika is known for her honest and open admission about her fight with depression. Having an A-list Bollywood actor speak about it has helped highlight this very worrying issue. Millions struggle with it on a daily basis. Deepika started The Live Love Laugh Foundation. It was an attempt to bring this issue in the spotlight and encourage others to talk about it. In a country where most refuse to even acknowledge depression as a serious medical condition, the Foundation aims to spread awareness about this issue with their hashtag #NotAshamed.


DeepVeer Wedding – Charity over wedding gifts

The idea of creating a charity gift registry is not new to the celebrity world, and the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was yet another example. With couples that have the privilege of not needing anything, asking guests to contribute towards a cause they believe in is a great way of sharing the love they receive on their wedding. Other couples who have chosen the same path include Sophia Vergara & Joe Manganiello, Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman, Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban and Prince William & Kate Middleton to name just a few.

Slowly but surely, this trend is making it’s way into The Big Fat Indian Wedding, and we couldn’t be happier. A wedding gift registry allows couples to choose what they want on their wedding, be it a charity, gadgets, appliances, experiences, gift cards or even cash. And with billions spent on wedding gifts every year, giving the couple the option of asking for what they want is a great way of avoiding wastage and making sure newlyweds start their married life with what they truly want.

So if you’re getting married soon, take a cue from the Deepveer wedding. Create a wedding gift registry for your big day! After all, if there’s one trend you want to take from this couple, it is this one to go for! You can create a free gift registry with charity, gifts, experiences or cash at

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