How to Design Invites Online in India: a Complete Guide

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital invitations have significant advantages over traditional ones, and can help you save time, money, and effort which can otherwise be used to plan your event.
  • Digital invitations are also more environmentally friendly than traditional invitations as well
  • You can design invites online in two ways: Softwares where you can design it from scratch, or through services where you can use templates.
  • The most important things to keep in mind when choosing a design for your invitation are: Theme, Style, Language, Color, Font, Ease-of-Reading, Use of Empty Space, and Proof-reading to make sure everything is okay.

Weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life. Therefore, a great deal of time and effort goes into planning and arranging this event. And one of the most important components of the wedding is of course, the guests that you invite! This is why invitations are crucial in the planning of a wedding.  Not only are they the mode by which you call all your near and dear ones to come be a part of your magical day, but they can also serve as information pieces that contain a wealth of information and significance about the bride, groom, and wedding site, among others.

While invitations are very significant, you can design invites online to make it easier for you to sit back and relax as you prepare for all the other rituals and celebrations. You can always lean on the hassle-free side of planning out the perfect electronic invitation card for your loved ones to always remember your special day with the choice of designing invites online. Continue reading to learn more about how to design invites online and how to easily customize an invitation card.

Traditional Invitations vs Online Invitations: Comparison in India

Traditional invites were practised as a ritual to make guests feel valued. It added an extra mile of effort to physically hand over invitations to families and guests. They are also rich in presentation. Some of the prominent elements used in a traditional invite are:

  • Lamps, goddesses, peacock feathers and the kalash symbol on the wedding card design.
  • Various colour contrasts based on the bride and groom’s and family members’ preferences.
  • Words that make a strong and significant statement that emphasises the importance of the occasion more.

On the other hand, designing invites online can help you organise your contacts, create your desired formats, and mail them to the appropriate recipients in a timely manner.

It normally contains the sender’s name, as well as all of the details regarding the wedding, including a guest list.

There are four different types of responses, included when you create an invitation online:

  • Attending 
  • Not attending 
  • Replied 
  • Not replied

This simplifies the guest list even more, which might aid in the wedding planning process and is also good to have on the e wedding card design.

Benefits Of Using Online Or Digital Invitations

The use of digital invites simplifies and streamlines the wedding planning process. It’s not only easy to use and plan, but it also has several other advantages.

Digital Invites are environmentally friendly

Every year, 68 million trees are used to create paper products. If you are environmentally conscious, digital invites are the perfect way to go. Nowadays, many websites and platforms are offering several attractive e wedding card design templates that you can build your digital invitation on and send it out to your guest list with just a click of a button. Zero paper used, Zero paper wasted.

design invite online
Design Invite Online

Digital invites can be created from the comfort of your own home

Gone are the days when you had to go around handing out invitations; now, by designing e invites online, you can sit at home and save postage time and effort by bulk emailing your guest list with a single click! It allows you to not only save a significant amount of time but also lets you focus on other wedding-related duties.

Digital invites make managing large guest lists easy

When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of people who will be present. But that isn’t the issue; the issue is remembering them all so that none of them is forgotten. It’s difficult to keep track of all of your contacts physically, but with online invites, it’s a lot easier and less time-consuming. You can collate all your guest addresses on one email, categorise them the way you like, create even multiple lists, and track invites, acknowledgements, and RSVPs all in a single platform.

Can We Use Both Online and Traditional Invitations?

Traditional invitations are based on age-old customs and are sometimes regarded as a ceremonial duty. However, it can take a lot of time and work and also requires a lot of travel and planning. Due to the travel restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, more people have been choosing to design invites online

Online invitations will always be more convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective in terms of travel and printing. Choosing to design invites online can also save you time in terms of planning the card from scratch if you were to do it traditionally

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Types of Digital Invitations You Can Use in India

When you choose to design invites you must be aware that different people will have their own preferences. There are some people who enjoy celebrating small victories in order to appreciate the small pleasures in life, and might not want to do anything grand, but there might also be others who want to go all out. The invitation you design must be reflective of the type of event you’ve planned.  This is why agenda for the event must be set in order to plan a good theme or invite. After you’ve decided on a theme, you may choose the electronic invitation card you want. The most well-known are:

Static InvitationsAnimated InvitationsVideo Invitations
Single-page or multi-page 
-PNG format makes it easier to download. 
-Can be modified in terms of interest, theme, and colours.
– Wide variety of options based on events.
– It saves both time and money.
– For a single-page electronic invitation card, only the relevant information such as venue, dates, names can be included etc. 
– For a multi-page invitation, multiple slides can be included consisting of a featured photo, a deity, or any other elements that make it look more appealing and speak more about the occasion

– An animated electronic invitation card 
– Can adds a sense of excitement help engage with the readerFeatures moving graphics selected by the sender 
– Variety of formats available based on interest, themes, colours and occasions. 
– Entertaining and interesting and may hold a lot of information. 
– Senders can include videos of memorable experiences, images, and even speeches to add a personal touch. 
– Several themes, music, and other graphic components to choose from to make the e wedding card design  more interesting while still being instructive.

Invitations For Various OccasionUse in India

As previously mentioned, digital invitations are more efficient and allow you to spend more time celebrating! There are various types of digital invites such as digital birthday invitation cards, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette party invitations and many other themes from which you can pick to invite your loved ones to enjoy your special day with you.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are for a very special occasion. It holds a memory of not just two people but also two families. Wedding invitations usually have a colour scheme according to the theme of the venue or the attire of the bride and groom, as well as additional features such as deity images, special wordings etc. Since a lot goes into the planning and strategy of a wedding itself, why spend more time on sending invites traditionally? When you choose to design invites online you can save on costs, time, and more on getting your loved ones to celebrate this occasion with you.

Baby shower Invitations & Baby Announcements

Baby showers and baby announcements are both wonderful occasions to commemorate. These kinds of occasions have very light coloured or themed designs that match the sender’s preferences. The most common headers seen are a large banner stating “its a boy” or “its a girl” or “save the date.” Along with balloons, candies, and the parents’ meaningful stories or comments. This depicts the event’s emotional as well as celebratory aspects. 

Birthday Invitations

Now, who doesn’t enjoy a birthday celebration? We all do, of course! But why waste time sending out invitations when you might be doing more preparation? With an electronic invitation card, we can quickly compile a list of participants, schedule the event for a specific date, and send your digital birthday invitation card out! These invites typically include a birthday message from the person or the person planning the surprise, as well as balloons, wordings, and other entertaining components.

Invitations for other Occasions

Other events for which digital invitations can be sent include:

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party 
  • Kids themed party
  • Farewell party
  • Office get together and Send Offs
  • Engagement party 

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 Regional Invitations in India 

Regional invitations depict a more genuine and localized perspective of the event. There are numerous areas and cultures that individuals adhere to when planning their weddings. With the press of a button, E invites provide a variety of customisable possibilities not only with graphics elements but also with the preferred language. 

Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi and other Languages

Printing an invitation in a different language adds a personal touch to the card. Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Urdu, and Hindi are just a few of the widely used languages which are printed these days. People include a translation as well, but regional elements on an invitation stand out and speak to one’s culture. Wedding Wishlist provides a huge variety of invites for all of your occasions, in different languages. Take a look at it here!

Cultural symbols in Invitations

Cultural symbols are included in invitations to bring out the importance of diversity and vivid religious factors. Symbols such as a cross, a temple sign, an eagle,  and the hand of God, a crescent and a moon are some of the symbols that can be used while creating invitations online or traditionally. It’s also exciting for people to understand and enjoy each other’s cultures while enjoying the occasion. 

Celebrating Religion and Traditions

When seen in person, regional traditions are stunning, but presenting them on an invitation-only emphasises the importance of religions, cultures, and traditions. People will get to learn more about other traditions and be able to interpret them later on when they witness them. There is also a sense of wanting to learn more about the tradition and so on. Things that show regional elements in an invite are a few words from respective holy books, chants, or even mantras to keep the moment secured with the rituals. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Picking A Design For Your Invitations in India


The theme is the foundation of any form of invitation, and it must be chosen carefully to proceed with the rest of the process. Choose a few themes, write them down, and then pick the most suited one based on your venue, events, and your preferences. This will make it easy for you to style and manage your invitation to achieve the desired result.


The style of the wedding graphic should be simple yet informative and should include all with all the aspects that a guest needs to know like venue, dates, after-party venue etc. It should have a clear mapping to be understood. Use simple texts and on a not too tacky background, preferably on a plain page with minimal aspects so the guest can read the information without getting submerged in the graphic elements of the invite.


The language you use is a key part of the invite, probably as important as the information which is put in the invitation. The reader or the guest should be able to read the invite without any barriers. So if you are choosing an invite with a regional language make sure there are translation lines given below to avoid errors. Do not overpower the language with the translation, keep it simple and effective. Choose the banner in a common language that is understandable to all while you create an invitation online. This makes the process easier for the guest before planning and on the day of the occasion. 


Choosing the appropriate colour for an invitation is not as simple as it appears. It’s critical to match the colours to the background, wedding attire, wedding colour scheme and other elements as well. They shouldn’t be subtle, and they shouldn’t overlap either, so that each aspect of the wedding graphic subject shows out without being masked. Colours like yellow, warm peach, off white, red wine, royal blue, gold etc stand out as perfect colours to compliment the invitations. 

Text font and ease-of-reading

To emphasise your words, it’s always best to utilise basic and bold fonts. Maintain the precision and simplicity of the wording so that they convey the correct information about your special day to your guests. Proofread it again to make sure there are no mistakes, and be accurate when selecting dates, venues, and other crucial data.

Use of empty space

To make your invitation it look more lovely, cover empty places with small complex elements and wedding graphical elements that match the occasion like flowers, baby blooms, spring grass, and so on. Also, until you finish your card, a space at the end of the invite can be left so that any missing information can be added without modifying the rest of the text on the invite later on.


Always ensure the content of the information is put in correctly before sending in the invite to the guest list. To avoid any sort of errors, make sure a perfect draft is typed before when you create an invitation online. You can also update this with any necessary last-minute changes that can be added later on before printing it on the final invite.

Choice of paper (If you’re also going to print)

Two of the most widely used papers are Matte paper and cotton cardstock. The matte paper gives a finishing touch to the invite while Cotton cardstock gives you a light and smooth finish. Depending on what works best for the theme, colour and style go ahead with your preferred style of printing your invite out.

Tools You Can Use To Design Your Invitation in India

An excellent invitation must include the entire package. You can create a wedding invitation card or invites for any other occasion in a variety of ways from the comfort of your own home. It  helps to save money and time, both of which can be put toward other wedding preparation ideas.

CorelDraw ($669)

CorelDraw is a graphics tool that allows you to create a wide range of images and visuals for your desktop. There are many tools to pick from, including layouts, wedding graphics, picture editing, typography, and so on. You may use the tool to make your wedding invitation or any other invitation look more technical and advanced.

eDraw Max ($245)

Another site with a multitude of  options alternatives is eDrawMax, which contains flow charts, network diagrams, wedding graphics and a large number of themes to pick from. With these tools, you can simply plan and visualise your invitation with the touch of a button, using a professional template.

Adobe Photoshop ($9/month)

Adobe is one of the most widely used software programmes in the world. It aids in image transformation, photo combining, retouching, and other creative aspects to make an invite or any other image stand out. You may simply utilise a variety of tools available on the software to add photographs and other items to your design, as well as colours, to complete your invitation.

Adobe Illustrator($19.99/month)

Creating and enhancing your invitations are two of the tools available in Adobe Illustrator. There are also elements such as a paintbrush, pen tool, and pencil tool for individuals who wish to style and decorate their big day with their artistic touch.

Sketch ($99)

Sketch is a fun programme that allows you to express your creative side to create an invitation online. With Sketch, you can concentrate on designs, grids and layouts, fonts, changeable styles, prototyping, and so on, all in one place. It’s also highly user-friendly, which makes it enjoyable to experiment with your creative side.

Designing Invites Online with Templates in India

4 Reasons why you should use Templates over DIY Invitations:

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is a fantastic method/approach to express your creativity. However, if you’re planning a larger event, producing 300 to 1000 invites by hand via DIY looks like a tiresome task. With sites like Wedding Wishlist, Smile, EviteBox  and more you can create invitations  with various types of templates which not only saves you time, but also allows you to choose from a variety of configurable alternatives for different types of visitors lists with just a few clicks. Here are 4 reasons why templates win over DIY:

Lower Cos

The cost-effectiveness of a virtual invitation card is the number one reason for adopting them. When you utilise the traditional approach of invitations, you not only spend a lot of time planning and printing them, but you also go the extra mile to deliver them to their houses. However, with digital invites, it only takes a single click to jot down the attendees and send them the invitations—no printing, no travelling, less cost and no stress! This is why when wedding invitation websites like Wedding Wishlist, Crello set up a range of templates and other graphic elements on their site with the pricing for you to choose the right invite for your occasion.

Ease of use

Online invitations are easier to use than traditional invites. It’s really simple to use because all you need is an email address and a download button, as opposed to paper, which gets worn out and thrown away after a while. Visit the Wedding Wishlist site, to learn more about how to use customised invitation options.

Professional Quality

Digital invitations and the process to create invitations are quite precise and do not leave a lot of potential for error. There is no doubt that tools like CorelDraw , eDraw Max, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch etc are great to use but they also hold a small limitation of learning how to use the tools, but in websites like Wedding Wishlist, crello, Evitebox etc they provide a large selection of visual elements from which to choose, making it simple to customise the desired appeal for the invitation without any room for mistakes and errors. It’s a good method to make your invite personal while still being excellent, thanks to enhanced tools and higher precision.

No learning curve

People who are new to the e-invite will find it easy to amplify your invite on sites like Wedding Wishlist, Crello etc because these sites have tools and specifications which are laid out on the app to make the process of customizing invitation card more user-friendly. Moreover,and sending them out is equally simple and quick. Head on to the Wedding Wishlist site, to know more about how to create your first invite in just a few steps.

Websites you can buy Invitations from.

Purchasing invitations online is simple, but choosing the correct source is crucial. This is why we’ve compiled a list of websites that are ideal for bringing out the best kind of creativity and personalization in your invitations.

Wedding Wishlist

One of the most well-known websites for designing invites online and registries are  Wedding Wishlist. With a vibrant gallery of designs for any occasion, the service is superb as they also assist you and your guests in selecting the ideal gift for your loved ones. There are also RSVP and guest-managed communications integrated with the virtual invitation cards which allow guests to send video and audio messages. Doesn’t it sound both current and authentic? The cost and time are efficiently saved, and they work on “waste-free” and “paperless” approaches that benefit both the user and the environment.


Smilebox is another website to design invites online website that allows users to create slideshows, invites, greeting cards, and other items for various occasions. They personalise the themes, music, and other elements to give the user and guests a unique experience. They attempt to convey ”your moments with their magic”, thus they are very easy to use and time-efficient when it comes to creating e  invitations 


The Evite wedding website strives to make events memorable and simple by using the appropriate templates. They feature a variety of premium invites that are hand-designed, animated, and customisable. They also offer professional invites as well as Evite donations to support non-profit organisations.


Crello is a fun website to design invites online where you can customise your invitation with over 30000 professionally designed templates. They’re really simple to use, with a large selection of visuals to choose from, and yes, they’re both cost and time effective! Their designs have been carefully selected to stimulate your creative side for your big day.

 In Conclusion:

Weddings, like every other celebration, are happy occasions. It honours two individuals and the coming together of their distinct personalities and cultures. Family and friends often look forward to witnessing and participating in this occasion and therefore it is worth investing in the best digital invitations to make these moments extra special. 

Wedding Wishlist is a one-stop destination for all things related to wedding invitations. It features a fine selection of templates, graphics, gifts, and invitations to make any occasion special. It’s easy to use, affordable and integrated to help you choose the perfect invitation for every event.


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