10 Best Destination Wedding Photographers in India!

Destination weddings are now joining the trend and becoming a part of most to-be-married couples wedding list. An intimate and super glamorous wedding at an exotic location can surely be magical and can definitely check the boxes of a dream come true. So much goes into planning the wedding, and you want to make sure that every moment is captured. Destination wedding photographers are there to make sure that every second of happiness, joy, and silliness is captured on your special day.

Here is a list of the Top 10 destination wedding planners in India that must-must be on your list!

#1 Phototantra

They are for sure one of the best, destination wedding photographers you can find in India. Phototantra is highly known for their extraordinary skills of capturing beautiful photographs. They specialize in destination weddings and do a phenomenal job. The wonderful wedding pictures you imagine, are the pictures they will make a reality.

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#2 Varun Suresh

Varun Suresh sure is a maestro in destination wedding photographer department. He understands the meaning of marriage and cherishes moments that he witnesses. He can capture beyond from what meets the eye, he captures the prettiness, the chaos, the happiness, and the love; all at a scenic location that makes your wedding even more romantic and memorable. So, if you are thinking of a wedding photograph to can capture your true essence then you know whom you should head to.

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#3 Sephi Bergerson Wedding

Sephi Bergerson is an international photographer who specializes in destination wedding photography. His work will give you a glimpse of how rich, grand, and colourful your wedding was. He believes in creating a wedding album that will be unique and wonderful, and that will make you live those memories in years to come.

Know more at wedding.sephi.com

#4 Rishabh Agarwal

 Looking for the best destination wedding photographer… well, look no further than Rishabh Agarwal! His work sparks life and love, and that is exactly how most of you would want your wedding to sound. A lot goes on during a wedding, and so Rishabh Agarwal and his team believe in capturing every story that can be lived at any moment. The photographs he takes will sweep your feet from the ground and keep you in awe for it has authenticity and love.

Know more at rishabhagarwal.com

 #5 The Wedding Conteurs

 Heavenly isn’t just a word that will be used for your destination wedding but also for the photographs taken. The Wedding Conteurs is a fantastic destination wedding photographer who makes sure that the world is your oyster and that the wedding photographs have to be perfect. They capture dreams and weave them in gorgeous photographs that will leave you stunned. No matter what your budget is, they will provide you with the best they have and will make sure that your destination wedding will be magical.

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 #6 Navdeep Soni

A destination wedding photographer who is in demand! Over the years Navdeep Soni and his team have covered many destination weddings. The wedding pictures have a mix of emotions and beauty. They focus on capturing up-close candid photographs that are filled with love and happiness. Not only do they focus on the romantic side of the wedding but also capture the quirkiness of the bride and groom bring their personalities to life. Whenever and wherever they are ready to make your dream come true.

Know more at  navdeepsoni.com

#7 Amit Video Vision

 Amit Video Vision is a company dedicated to destination wedding photography. Every moment is precious on your special day and they spend it capturing unique and meaningful moments. They adopt the destination so perfectly that it is truly marvelous to look at. Their creativity and passion for wedding photography gives them an edge in their field and will never fail to surprise you.

Know more at amitvideovision.com

#8 Ramit Batra

People spend a lot of money on destination weddings and to do just by it you have to invest in a great photographer. Ramit Batra is in love with capturing moments, especially at destination weddings; making him the best destination wedding photographer there is. Experiencing the love of the married couple at an exotic and beautiful destination marks up the wedding by a notch which would make it impossible for him to not capture it. He has received many awards for his work which guarantees that Ramit Batra is spectacular.

Know more at ramitbatra.com

#9 Picsurely

Picsurely is one of the leading destination wedding photographers in India. Looking at their work you will smile ear-to-ear. Their authenticity and love for weddings will mesmerize you. They completely understand the expectations of your wedding and bring every tiny detail to life. Your wedding album won’t just be a collection of images but of stories that will bring joy and excitement. If you are investing a lot into a destination wedding it only makes sense to invest the same in a great photographer.

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#10 Candid Tales

Candid Tales just as it sounds will capture and cherish candid moments of your wedding. This destination wedding photographer excels at creating the perfect wedding album. Taking photographs of moments that went un-noticed but touched the heart. The quality and creativity of their work will jump in joy and love them even more! They craft your life long dream into a beautiful story and make it a fairytale album you always imagined.

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Your special day deserves everything special. And if you are having a destination wedding, then you ought to have the best wedding destination, photographer! A lifelong dream coming true needs to be perfect, and to make it perfect you need someone who is passionate. Destination Wedding Photographers may be expensive but the quality of their work, skill, and creativity to capture emotions will keep every moment fresh in the mind. Because such memories are meant to live on forever.


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