Wedding gifts that are useful even a few years later

Deciding on wedding gifts for the couple can sometimes turn out to be much like opening a can of worms. You’re close to them but not close enough to know exactly what they want. But you’re also not so distant to not have a care in the world. Ugh. Right? But the good news is, there are a lot of classic gift ideas you couldn’t possibly go wrong with because there are always going to be things that you can’t have enough of. (NOT referring to socks, you Potterheads). A handy present is a thoughtful present, sure. But one that’s useful even years later? Now that’s a pleasant gift to unveil.  

Wedding Gifts
Wedding Gifts

So, here are a few wedding gifts ideas that can be useful even a few years later: 

The gift of fine dining 

Although a dinner table might not be the first thing that pop’s up in your mind when you think of wedding gifts, there’s more thought to it than you would assume. “A family that dines together stays together”, right? So imagine every dinner table conversation and how you would literally be creating a memory station more than just handing over a table to the newlywed. Not only is it a fun way of adding to the couples’ new home, but is a very thoughtful present, too. It could represent anything from “Let me assist with some new furniture” to “I wish for you to have some kickass food and conversations on this table, and think of me while you do”. 

Dining room essentials- The Wedding Cliche

Look at every valuable piece of fine dining crockery you own. Needless to say, all of these come as wedding gifts and for good reason. You could never have enough crockery, so it always works like a charm. Although, you could always get more creative with crockery- floral tea sets, cocktail glasses paired with bar trays, designer tea coasters (yup, those exist, welcome to the age of materialism where normal tea coasters barely do the job!). You could also give Kohinoor stirrers for Mr Fancy pants. Or something in silver like silver-plated designer bowls, silver spoon set or a silver tumbler even. Dining room essentials are things that people like to change from time to time. So even if they don’t put your present to use immediately, chances are they will a few years later. 

Cookers and Kadhais 

The real winner winner (is) chicken dinner is a present that cooks the chicken. Jokes apart, the next best thing after crockery has got to be kitchen apparatuses. If you’re looking to gift the wedding couple something that is of absolute utility, some of your best options are rice cookers (with momo baskets is a bonus!). You could also go for granite stockpots and stainless steel pop-up toasters. Maybe even a sandwich and grill maker, a non-stick round kadhai or a multipurpose steamer. These things might sound like mundane wedding gifts. But it’s something that is certain to be put to use eventually and also happen to be long-lasting. 

The Gift of Art 

Another great classic although not a very frequently considered wedding gift idea is art. A Ganesha painting, a modern art piece, paper art or even a pick from some exclusive prints. If you have good taste in art- one that is likely to match that of the wedding couple- you must consider deviating from the ordinary home decor ideas and move on to something that complements a perfect wall in a home. Go with abstracts- they always look mysterious yet playfully charming. If this doesn’t seem like an inviting idea to you, you could always choose other variations of home decor such as silk table lamps, pendant lights or a classic buddha wall hanging. They truly never run out of style. 

Care package version 2.0 (Wedding edition) 

There’s something about skincare products that make them such alluring wedding gifts. It’s like a hamper of promoting self-care. They look good, smell fabulous and make for the perfect wedding present package. But if you’re looking for a wedding gift that could be used even after a couple of years, lotions and body oils might not be the greatest idea. This doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch the care-package idea altogether. You could still make your own DIY care-package with essentials like a hair straightener, a rechargeable 4 in 1 multi-grooming kit, matching bathrobes for the couple (these could even be customized with their names printed on them) and a green tea pillow set. 

The “Something borrowed” Wedding Gift

“A piece of jewellery is often a piece of art. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it”. -Esther Lighart. A more personal wedding gift and a little bride-biased is, of course, jewellery. You would be surprised by the numerous jewellery options available for gifting even on a budget. Something as small as a silver bracelet, silver toe rings or beaded anklets make for a truly treasurable wedding present. Other options include silver bangles with contemporary patterns, silver mirror palm cuffs and ear studs with gemstones that are sure to woo the bride! With a bigger budget, you could even add an embroidered zardozi jewellery box or a silk trinket box.

A thoughtful present doesn’t always have to have some sort of emotional value, to be honest. OK, sure, appliances, hardware and furniture- not exactly sexy gift ideas, but most couples don’t really want all things embellished as their wedding gifts. Utility is thoughtful. A helping hand with a hi-tech new Vaccum they have been eyeing (but kept on hold due to the wedding shell out), now that’s thoughtful!

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