10 Cool Electronic Items That Are Great Wedding Gifts in 2020!

There are so many amazing things about weddings, but finding the perfect wedding gift for a couple is certainly not one of them. With hundreds of guests getting them something for the big day, how do you make sure your gift stand out? Well, we’ve got some uber-cool electronic gift items for marriage ideas for you right here. Browse through our list of quirky and out-of-the-box electronics that bring ‘fun’ back into functional!

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Electronic Items for Wedding gifts
Electronic Items for Wedding gifts

Top 10 Electronic Wedding Gifts for 2022!

Gift electronic gadgets this wedding season, and stay in your host’s favour forever. Young couples setting up a home usually start from scratch, you could help ease their lives by buying them one of these electronic items for wedding gifts! Do double-check if they have a wedding registry, they might have already listed out what they need there. 

#1 Barbeque Grill

– For a couple who loves to entertain

Newlyweds are likely to have an active social life, and an easy way of making a party come alive is a nice outdoor barbeque. This makes for a great gift idea for couples for many reasons! It’s extremely useful for everyone—after all who doesn’t love a good barbeque? For those who don’t have a big outdoor space in their homes, there are smaller, indoor models available. And the best part? These barbeque sets span a wide spectrum of prices, so you can choose a model that works well for your budget as well as for the couple’s requirements. A barbeque grill is one of the unique electronic gift items for marriage for the couple that loves to entertain.

#2 Electronic Toothbrush

– For a couple who’s super organized

Sounds silly right? I mean who gifts a toothbrush anyway? But trust us, it’s one of the best electronic items to gift  that will not only be special but also be completely unique. The world of dental care has received a tech update and the new varieties available have some mind-blowing features. From tracking your brushing patterns to alerting you on problem areas, these toothbrushes are almost like a mini dentist at home. Get the couple a pair in complementary colours so they can start their married life with a big shiny smile!

#3 Hoverboard

– For a couple who loves adventure

Not heard of it yet? A hoverboard is by far one of the coolest electronic gift items for marriage  you can give to a fun-loving couple. A self-balancing motorised board, it’s the new-age version of a skateboard and insane fun to zip around on. It’s entertaining, it’ll get you to places faster and it’s the perfect companion for a day spent outdoors. And it’s something both partners can enjoy. Just make sure the couple has a good sense of balance, as you don’t want the newlyweds breaking anything on account of your gift!

#4 A Polaroid Camera

– For a couple who loves taking pictures

This is a great gift to bring back some old-school fun. In a world that is overcrowded with cellphone cameras, nothing brings the child in you alive like a vintage polaroid camera. And if anyone has a world of memories to create and capture, it’s a pair of newlyweds. You can be sure that your gift will make it to their packing list when they leave for their honeymoon and will be a steady companion for a long time after making it the perfect electronic item for wedding gift

#5 Kindle

– For a couple that loves all things geeky!

It’s one of the best electronic items to gift a couple on their wedding day. It’s the perfect travel companion for couples who like to read—lightweight, stylish and with tons of memory. And if you’re feeling a bit generous, add some books to it that the couple may enjoy. When you take the time to personalise the present to their reading taste, this gift will be close to the heart, used and remembered as the best.

#6 Shower Speakers

– For the couple who loves music

Sounds weird? Well, it’s actually a very useful gift for just about anyone, making it foolproof electronic items for wedding gift! The only thing that makes a long hot shower even better is great music, and shower speakers are the best way to get that! This water-proof essential has models that come with Bluetooth and wi-fi. You can hang them in your shower, connect to your favourite playlist and drown out any bathroom singing! Can you think of any couple that wouldn’t just love the idea of this? Plus they come in fun colours and look really nice. So that’s a double win for wedding gifts.

#7 Security Cameras

– For the couple who’s moving into a new home

What’s a better wedding gift to give than safety? For couples moving into a new home, this is an ideal choice. We’re not suggesting you go the whole hog on a CCTV set, as the couple may want to get that based on their personal needs. But an easy-to-use single security camera is easy to install, non-intrusive and a great way of making sure they stay safe while settling into their new home.

#8 Key Tracker

– For the couple who’s absent-minded

Anyone who’s super forgetful will NOT forget to thank you for this gift! A key tracker does exactly what the name suggests—it’s a device designed to help you keep track of your keys. It syncs with your smartphone and rings when you open its app on your phone. And the best part? If it’s your phone that’s lost, just press on the tracker and it will dial your phone! Isn’t that one of the best electronic items to gift?

#9 Robot Cleaners

– For the couple who’s lazy

Yes. It is exactly as amazing as it sounds. The newlyweds will LOVE this technology as you will just make things so much easier for them! Robot cleaners basically mop, scrub and vacuum your floors with pre-fed instructions, while you put your feet up and binge-watch your shows. Depending on the model, they work on kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces, and come in a range of budgets. And they definitely make home cleaning a much more fun activity.

#10 Amazon Fire Stick

– For the couple who loves watching shows

Any gift that converts your average flat screen into a smart TV is definitely a smart gifting idea! The Fire Stick is a cost-effective solution for converting your TV into the best thing possible. It allows you to stream from all major services including Netflix, HBO and Prime. It also gives you access to Alexa and has voice recognition so you don’t have to move an inch from the couch. It’s one of the perfect electronic gift items for marriage, and helps the couple out on their next date night!

This list of gifts is sure to win the hearts of your hosts and will leave them with warm fuzzy feelings, making you a treasured friend in their married life. Gift electronic gadgets to the bride and groom to make their married life that much easier.

Not sure which one to go for? Just ask the couple to create a gift registry on WeddingWishlist.com so you know exactly what they want and can buy or contribute towards wedding gifts on it.

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