Everything You Need to Know About Buying the Best Baby Bottles for Your Bub!

Feeding is one of the most critical parts of a newborn’s life and one that moms struggle with most. Whether your little one is on formula or having expressed milk, baby bottles are going to be a big part of your life in the first year of your child’s life. So it’s important to know which ones you need, and how many you need. And when you start looking for bottles to buy, there are so many brands and features that it can be overwhelming, especially for a first-time mom.

Read on to know everything there is about choosing the right bottle for your baby. 

Best Baby Bottles
Best Baby Bottles
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Things to consider before choosing your bottle


Baby bottles come in a variery of sizes, from as small as 2 ounces to as big as 10. You need to decide what size will work best based on your little one’s feeding habits. Usually the really small 2 oz bottles are for premature babies or for new borns in the first few weeks of life. The really big ones come in use for slightly older babies, mostly post 6 months. However, if you are adding them to your gift registry, it’s prudent to get a good mix, with the majority being in the 5 ounce range. 


Baby bottles come in 3 materials primarily—BPA free plastic, glass and stainless steel. They all have their pros and cons and you need to see what works best for you. Plastic bottles are the most popular because they’re unbreakable, easy-to-use, affordable and durable. However, due to the chemical contents in plastic, a lot of parents prefer glass bottles. The only draw back here is that it’s breakable and that can be a bit scary around infants. And then you have the steel, which takes away the problem of breakability and is also chemical free. But these are not available as easily and are more costly. 


When buying the bottle, you also need to find the age appropriate nipples. As babies grow and strengthen their ability to suck, the nipple size needs to keep increasing so they can get a better flow of milk. While newborns usually use level 1 nipples, as you see your baby’s appetite increase and sucking strength go up, you need to upgrade to a higher level. Also, if you are primarily breastfeeding your baby, you may want to get an extra-slow flow nipple like the Madela Calma so the baby does not get used to the ease of feeding from a bottle and start rejecting the breast. 

While all these factors play a part in the choice of bottle, the question is how many is too many or too less? Here are the things to consider when you decide on quantity. 

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This is the most important aspect to consider when deciding on the number of bottles you want to get. If your baby is completely formula-fed or drinking expressed milk, you obviously need a lot more bottles. But if you’re primarily breast feeding but only supplementing with the bottle then you can go for fewer. 

Who’s feeding?

If you have good help who will be helping you with the feeding process then 3-4 bottles are enough as you can keep washing them and reusing. However, if you are the only person managing this process then it’s better to go for 6-7 bottles so you can wash them once a day and not spend more time doing this frequently. 

Brands to get:

Some of the best brands to get baby bottles from include Philips Avent, Dr Brown, Munchkin, Comotomo and ThinkBaby Stainless. You can choose from these based on the above requirements and your price points.

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