Everything you need to know about creating a charity gift registry

“No gifts please” is a fairly common subtext on wedding cards nowadays. An increasing number of young couples are choosing to opt for a no-gifts ceremony for a multitude of reasons. Ranging from not wanting gifts they’ll never use to not wanting to burden their guests, the list varies. However, the reality is, guests will bring gifts anyway as it’s tradition to not go empty handed to a wedding. So how do you bridge this divide? Creating a charity registry is the perfect answer to this dilemma. Here’s how: 

Charity Registry
Charity Registry

What is a Charity Wedding Registry? 

A charity registry is one where the couple creates a gift registry that includes causes close to their heart. So instead of buying gifts, guests can contribute money towards these causes. From helping children in need to supporting cleaner air, the choice of cause can vary but the idea remains the same—to collect money towards something meaningful 


Why Create a Charity Registry with Wedding Wishlist? 

The reasons for creating a charity registry are self explanatory. If you already have everything you need, but are going to get gifts anyway, might as well turn them into something meaningful. You end up supporting a charity or cause close your heart, your guests feel happy contributing towards it, and you end up starting your married life with a lot of blessings. It’s a highly waste-free and sustainable choice to make. 

How to create a Charity Wedding Registry on Wedding Wishlist?

The best part about creating a charity registry is just how simple it is. A couple can sign up from free on WeddingWishlist.com and create an account. Then all they have to do is choose a cause they support and the amount they want to raise towards it. The cause vary from women’s rights to health, environment, education and more. Once they have created their registry, they simply share their registry URL with guests, who can contribute any amount they like towards it. Guests are sent an 80G certificate for tax exemption post the contribution. It’s literally that simple! 


Couples who have created a charity registry…

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh:

The couple, who got married in an intimate ceremony in Lake Como, did a charity registry for their wedding. In lieu of gifts, they asked guests to contribute towards Deepika’s Live Love Laugh Foundation, which works on issues related with mental health. 

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt:

This power couple got married in 2014 and raised over $5 million for the Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation which the couple run. The got a lot of appreciation from their fans for this gesture. 

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry, Kate Middleton & Price William:

Both brothers followed royal protocol and did not accept any gifts. Instead they requested their guests to contribute towards the many causes they supported as a couple. 

Charity Registry
Charity Registry

Promoting a waste-free and sustainable culture

Wedding Wishlist has tied up with India’s largest charity portal, Give India to make this service available to couples and others celebrating milestone events. The estimated waste from unused wedding gifts in India is pegged at about 1 lakh crore a year, conservatively. If we could channel all of this into actual charitable contributions, the difference made would be astonishing. And this thought is prompting more and more couples to choose a charity registry option when getting married. 


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