Everything You Need To Know About Planning The Perfect Hybrid Wedding! 

The pandemic changed many things for us, and the way we celebrate weddings is right up there in getting a complete overhaul. From the world-famous big fat Indian wedding, we have now adopted leaner celebrations with smaller guest lists and technology becoming a huge enabler. Millennial couples are realizing the value of hosting a hybrid wedding with virtual and physical elements. It saves them a ton of money, keeps things intimate and is super convenient for you and your guests. So if you too are planning to celebrate your wedding soon, read on for everything you need to know. 

What is a hybrid wedding? 

A hybrid wedding is one that has physical and virtual elements to it—so part of the guests attend the ceremony physically while others are present virtually. From organising a live stream for those not at the venue to doing e-invites, technology plays a large part in making this sort of wedding a success. 


Virtual Aspects of a Hybrid Wedding 

We all know how to plan a physical wedding, but the idea of having a virtual aspect to it is new to most. Here are things you can do to make your wedding truly hybrid: 


Printed wedding invites are a thing of the past. The easiest micro step into the world of virtual starts with invitations. Create a fun video, animated or static invites for your wedding instead of an elaborate physical card. Have a look at our beautiful invites here


Extend your invite into a beautiful customized wedding website that has the colors of your wedding theme, and all the possible information your guests could want. From pictures to function details, information about the venue and RSVPs, you can have it all in one place. You can also host your live stream on the website, making it the literal virtual ‘shaadi ka ghar’ for your virtual guests. What’s great is that guests can even sign your virtual guestbook and you can keep this memory forever. 

Live stream

And that brings us to the most important aspect of virtual weddings—livestream. For your guests to be a part of your wedding without being there, they need to be able to see it! You can go for a traditional livestream or even try 4-D or VR options that make the experience extremely tangible and fun for guests. 

Party rooms

While Livestream is great, it prevents your guests from engaging with each other, and takes away one of the best parts of a wedding—the interaction. So you can create chat rooms for different groups of guests and integrate with your website, so they can all dress up, have fun and enjoy the viewing. You can even get an usher to help navigate the proceedings and keep your friends and family engaged. 


Another great way of bringing the hybrid into your wedding is to send a little gift or food hamper to all the guests who can’t attend the wedding physically. Wedding food is such an important part of the celebration that getting them to be a part of the experience will be really special! 

Digital Album

And to bring it all together, just like you have someone recording your physical wedding, you can record the chat rooms of your virtual wedding and create a beautiful wedding album that preserves those memories forever! 

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