Decoding the Décor

If you’re planning to get hitched at the height of the wedding season, chances are that you may choose an outdoor venue. There are a lot of advantages to choosing to have your ceremony outside – more space, it’s less expensive, and most importantly – you have a ton of decor options! Here are a few of our top outdoor wedding decoration ideas

Outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding

Lights! Camera! Action! For an Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Setup

Lighting is an important part of any wedding event. After all, how else are you going to capture the happiest moments of your life on film. While it’s important to hire someone who specialises in wedding outdoor photography, it’s also essential to ensure that the lighting at the venue is satisfactory.

However, lighting doesn’t necessarily have to be purely pragmatic, there are plenty of pretty and unusual ways to integrate it into your decor. From sweeping strings of fairy lights to stunning floating lamps – there are a ton of options to choose from.

Some Flower Power


Outdoor wedding Theme

Any wedding planner worth their salt will tell you that flowers are an integral part of desi weddings. From the garlands we wrap around our beloved’s neck to the string of blooms the bride wears in her hair – they are a necessity and a luxury.

So, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, incorporating flowers into your scheme is an easy and beautiful way to spice up your decor. You have tons of options of every hue and size to choose from. If you’re traditional, you can stick with the time honoured rose. If you’re looking for something quirkier, daisies or even sunflowers add a charming touch to any event. All you need to do is find a good florist and get creative!

Take A Seat

Though not all desi weddings go on for hours, most events are quite long and require seating for guests. You can include your seats into your decor by choosing an option other than the standard plastic/metal chair. Bring in huge floor cushions and bolsters for guests to rest against, add benches and stools to the mix, spread fluffy rugs on the ground for a picnic feel – the possibilities are endless. At the very least, you can add a few cushions to your staid chairs to add a splash of colour (and an ounce of comfort!) to the proceedings.

Fabricating A Theme

Indoor wedding

Speaking of adding some colour to the landscape – have you considered using fabric as a decorating device? Instead of buying an expensive backdrop for the evening, you can purchase some inexpensive yet beautiful fabric and hang swatches of it together. Not only will you be able to customise the look of the venue, but you’ll be able to say that your wedding decor was entirely unique!

Opening The Quirk Box

Outdoor wedding setup

Not all outdoor wedding decor has to be stately and graceful – sometimes quirky and eclectic elements suit the occasion as well. You can add a personal touch to the event by incorporating elements like colourful parasols or umbrellas, fans, signs and other photo-worthy props.

What’s even better is if these items are useful to the guests in some way. Monsoon wedding? Have a multi-coloured umbrella. Your friends and family will be happy to contribute their services and stay dry at the same time. Ingenious!

Feel free to explore, experiment and just have fun. Remember, this is YOUR day, and you have the right to make sure it looks perfect. Start your brand new journey together on a good note, and head off into the sunset with smiles on your faces.


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