Weddings, be it in any corner of the world are incomplete without ample amount of flowers. From being the holy ceremonial ingredients to becoming a decor essential, beautiful exotic flowers are in demand, now more than ever before. Be it the grand entrances or gorgeous table settings, fresh flowers add a finishing touch to everything.

Flower Decoration for Wedding

Confused about how to have fun with the floral decor at your wedding, who better than Priyanka of Clique Events & Entertainment to decode some of the ground rules on how to get your floral preferences on point.

Could you tell us about the latest trends in flower decoration for wedding?

The design/ decor is trending more towards western, rustic, more contemporary. The abundance of exotic artificial flowers along with the real ones these days make designs look grand. The arrangements for tables and elsewhere are being complimented with the use of accessories like pearls beads, crystals etc. Vintage stuff likes chest drawers, log woods, antique materials are also high in demand.


Tell us about your journey so far. How did all start?

The journey started around 8 years ago way back in 2009 when the motto in life shifted to doing something of my own. My husband being a DJ was already a part of this blooming industry which is why I landed up being a wedding planner to start with. With years to pass on floral decoration became the focus. The vision was to give all our customers/clients the best of designs creating never ending memories for their most important occasion. Today, we at Clique events, also have a team which takes care of the hospitality services to giving an end to end solution to one and all.


What is the fascinating element of your field?

There is an endless list. To begin with what I personally find the most fascinating is meeting new people from different parts of the country/world, who belong to different religions having unique ceremonies. Secondly, your learning never stops. New designs, themes, decor, props add on to our list every day making it all the way more exciting. We get to experiment with all of these during the mock setup for our clients taking their views and a new creation comes our way.


What are your key suggestions for clients who are looking for their dream floral wedding setup?

Well, I would say, discuss details with your wedding designer and believe in them, let them do their job peacefully as they have that vision to deliver the best for you. Being supportive and prompt for budgets and payments will always make your planner or decorator deliver extra out of way to make your d day the best of your life.


Everything about weddings is so detail oriented today, how do you plan your themes? Tell us about your creative process.

Every wedding I feel is very different from the other. Time there can’t be anything but called a “process”. However, teamwork is the key to all successful weddings designed. We gather ideas from our workers, teammates, clients etc. Also, a lot of websites and apps have come up which bridges the gap between us planners and clients in understanding designs. Brilliant and creative minds working towards the preferences of our client makes us deliver what the client demands on a canvas and later executed on ground for which we are proud of. The testimonials so far from our clients proves it all.


What’s your personal preference when it comes to floral design? Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Personal preference, if we talk about “I am a complete maximalist” I love flowers, a lot of them, combined with a few other accessories like crystals, candles, pearls etc.



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