Wedding Gifts Received by couple That’ll Leave You Laughing

Who doesn’t like wedding gifts? Ask a couple that’s just gotten married and stuck with a stockpile of things they will NEVER use! From ornamental soap dishes to monogrammed towels (with someone else’s initials) to smelly cheesy! Yes, wedding gifts can truly cover the spectrum of crazy and if you weren’t smart enough to create a wedding registry, you should be well prepared for what follows! 11 brides tell us what was the most unforgiving, hilarious or ridiculous gift they received on their big day!

Wedding Gifts You’d Rather Not Receive

#Smelly Cheese

“We left for our honeymoon the day after the wedding, and had planned to open the wedding gifts in our new home when we got back. A colleague got us a gourmet hamper with cheese, dips and sauces. You cannot even imagine the stench we walked into when we got back after 2 weeks. It dampened the ‘home sweet home’ feeling for us!”   – Ratika Kapoor

#Crystal Birds

“An acquaintance who was invited to our wedding actually gifted us a pair of handcrafted crystal birds. Not only did we have zero idea what to do with them, they also cost a fortune! So we were stuck feeling obligated for something we would never use or have anyone we could re-gift such an expensive (and silly) gift to. Double whammy!” – Tanya Khurana

#A Used Crockery Set

“Apparently this happens! A family friend got us a dinner set for our wedding, which although clichéd would not have been the worst gift. But when we opened it we realized it was actually used! There were faint stains on some plates and 2 of the bowls were missing. NOT COOL” – Sharda Ramakrishnan

#Champagne flute

“Sounds like a good gift, right? Well, not if you get exactly one champagne flute. A friend got us a single 24-karat gold-stemmed flute for the wedding. What made it worse was that it actually cost a lot! I wish she had just got us a pair or set of something in the same amount. Where will I use a single flute?” – Lakshmi Reddy

#Religious Art (that they made themselves!)

“My husband is Christian, and on our wedding we got a huge framed picture of Indian goddesses by an aunt who clearly had her reservations about an inter-faith wedding. We had no idea what to do with it as we didn’t want to put it up in our house but we couldn’t give it away as it’s considered a bad omen. ” – Prachi Sirohi

#A home-style chocolate fountain

“What? Why? How? I was absolutely zapped! WHO uses a chocolate fountain in their house? Is it even a real thing? Why would anyone, ever have use for this? I just didn’t know what to do with this bizarre gift!”  – Taruna Sharma

#A pet

“We just couldn’t believe when one my husband’s close friend gave us a puppy for our wedding, with a note that said it would help us ‘feel like a family before we planned a baby’. As two people living alone for the first time, and jobs that involve us travelling constantly, this gift WAS NOT appreciated. In fact, we had to return the puppy to her because there was no way we would have had the time to raise one with love. Awkward is an understatement!” – Tripti Das

#Ornamental Soap Dish

“When opening our wedding gifts, we came across a very ornamental piece of ceramic which we couldn’t make head or tail of. After a lot of deliberation (and reading the instruction sticker at the back) we realized it’s a soap dish! The tag had fallen off so we didn’t know who got it for us, but I really believe the person who gave it was too embarrassed to even put a tag on it.”  – Priyanka Nanda

#Monogrammed Towels

“Now here’s a gift I would love, IF the monogram was actually our initials. My husband and I work in the same company, and one of our department heads gave us a set of towels with HIS initials… Nothing feels more ‘re-gifted’ than something like this!” – Jhanvi Singh

#Silver Bowl with Inscription

“People gift silver all the time at Indian weddings, and normally I would be ok with it. But this bowl was apparently a return gift from some hospital event because the backside had an inscription about diabetes and the rate at which it’s spreading! That’s not a ‘sweet’ gift to give!” – Manasa Shetty

#A book on how to deal with divorce

“I’m not one to crib about wedding gifts because even if you don’t like it, it’s an expression of love by your friends and family. But one HAS to draw a line on this one! My husband’s roommate from his undergrad in London actually gifted us a book on dealing with divorce! Maybe he was trying to be funny but he’s not so much of a friend anymore…” – Kavya Patel

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