A Gift Registry to Simplify Friends’ Lives – Apurva & Vineet

No one gets you better than your friends. For Apurva and Vineet, their friends were the ones who stuck with them throughout. They knew all the ups and downs of their love story and when things finally fell in place, how could the duo have ignored such an important part of their lives? From doing a special wedding invitation card to creating a gift registry to make their lives easy, Apurva and Vineet managed to take care of their friends very well. 

Apurva & Vineet's Gift Registry
Apurva & Vineet

The Love Story Begins…

Apurva and Vineet’s love story started at BITS Pilani. “Vineet was my senior in college and an amazing dancer,” said Apurva starting to talk about her favourite kind of love story. “We were part of a cultural program together. He was the choreographer for the dance performance I was supposed to do.”  she continued. He told her later that he wanted to use dance as an opportunity to get to know her.

After a few days of talking Vineet decided to take the plunge and ask Apurva out. To Vineet’s utter disappointment the answer was no. But Vineet was not one of those to give up. He asked her out again and the answer was a no. Again. After a few days of talking, getting to know each other and a lot of convincing Apurva finally agreed. “I took it as a negotiation. But all the convincing was worth it because I knew she was the one,” said Vineet. 

Fast forward to today and Apurva and Vineet are now happily married. They were together for 6 and a half long years, most of it being long distance. “Yes, we’ve pretty much been in a long-distance relationship after college,” said Apurva. “Our friends have all been with us throughout this whole journey and have been very supportive.”The couple created a special invite exclusively for friends with their love story cutely drawn out. “We also created a gift registry solely for our friends.”

Here’s why Apurva and Vineet created a gift registry. 

“Our friends understood that we did not need 10 clock and casseroles.”

 “You can also be shameless with your friends. So it was really easy for us to convey our choice of gifts because we knew they understood,” said Apurva. She had a lot of friends in the US and had heard of the concept of a gift registry before. “I didn’t know the concept was here in India. A quick search on ‘gift registry India’ was all we needed.” The duo enlisted a list of home appliances and decor items so they could use it and also decorate the house with what their loved ones had to give. 

“We didn’t want to stress about transporting the gifts”

From the guests’ house to the wedding venue – from the wedding venue to the bride/groom’s house – a wedding gift passes way too many hands before it reaches the couple. The chances of damage or loss are high. “The wedding gift registry took care of the transport and delivered all the gifts when and where they were needed. That was one of the biggest headaches that was taken care of by the team” said Apurva. 

“The website was an option we loved”

Apurva and Vineet wanted to personalise the experience of a gift registry for their friends and a wedding website was the ideal option. From adding their story and pictures to the registry and function details, they could have all of that and more in one place. “I loved the music feature of the website too. It just added a lot of beauty to the whole experience,” said Apurva. 

So if you’re one of those who want to make your friend’s life easy sign up with Wedding Wishlist to create a gift registry for yourself or for a friend who is getting married. 

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