Aswath & Akshaya’s Smart Wedding with a Gift Registry

Setting up our home became so much simpler, thanks to the gifts from the registry!

Akshaya & Aswath

Technology has found a center stage in almost every aspect of our lives, and weddings are no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us appreciate the value of virtual weddings and a gift registry.

Aswath & Akshaya's wedding gift registry
Aswath & Akshaya’s wedding gift registry

Here is the story of Akshaya & Aswath who made the best of their pandemic wedding with a gift registry

The Very Beginning

Forced by his friends to join the Indian orchestra at university, little did Aswath know that it would be the best decision of his life! We are not sure if he got to hone his singing skills, but he definitely did get to work on romance. “All our friends playfully teased us together, and love eventually was a self-fulfilling prophecy”, shares Akshaya. Despite living in Chennai, just a few streets away from each other, fate had them meet across the seas in Singapore, where they both went to pursue their undergraduate degree. With no fancy romantic proposals or surprises, they knew they were the ones for each other right from the first day. “Our families had no second thoughts about us getting together, and now it is a happily ever after story”, she says.

The Road to the Big Day

They had fixed the dates almost a year ahead, at a time when COVID-19 seemed like a distant possibility in India. As the lockdown and social distancing came into effect, a lot of uncertainty followed. “We were very unsure and held back on a lot of wedding preparations. We did not want to be hasty, so we stuck to the actual dates nevertheless, and did not cancel the venue booking”, she recalls. Finally, in November, the restrictions on the gathering size were relaxed, and they went ahead and tied the knot in a lovely, intimate ceremony on the 4th of December 2020.

Nobody Misses The Fun!

Many friends and family from other cities and countries could not make it to the wedding. But that does not mean that they were not part of the celebrations. Akshaya and Aswath had their guests join in virtually by live-streaming the ceremonies with the Wedding Wishlist. With just a smartphone and a tripod, they streamed their ceremonies so everyone could enjoy their big day. “All our guests were excited about the live stream and we were extremely happy that they could be a part of our big day, at least virtually if not physically”, she says.

Wedding Gifts Galore

The couple had also set up a gift registry and a wedding website. Despite being a completely new concept for most of their guests, it was very well received. Though some guests did give them gifts in person, many embraced the registry and were happy to get them meaningful gifts from their wishlist. Be sure to spot all their registry gifts at their home if you ever happen to visit them!

Wise Words

Here is what the couple has to share if you are getting married anytime soon!

  • “We were waiting for COVID to go away, so we could have the perfect wedding at the perfect time. We eventually ended up having a small ceremony, but it was still so perfect! It was then that we realized that there is no such perfect time, your wedding is what you and the people around you make of it, and we are glad our wedding happened the way it did. We would have it no other way!”
  • “Don’t be afraid to try something new and unconventional for your wedding! Choosing to use the gift registry was a decision we took after much hesitation, but it turned out to be a huge hit, and very useful too!”

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