New Age Wedding with a Gift Registry by Disha & Arjun

“As the list of people asking us what we needed grew, we thought of adding a registry to our website. You can say we went with the current times and made it easy for those who wanted to share our happiness with a gift.”

– Disha & Arjun

The Pandemic has ushered a novel way to get married, and while many couples brood over how their weddings have become smaller, Arjun & Disha took the smart route and embraced various aspects of technology to make their wedding a success. Having grown up watching movies and shows that talked about a gift registry, they knew that they had to have one for their own wedding.

Arjun & Disha's New age wedding with gift registry
Arjun & Disha’s New age wedding with gift registry

The couple shares their story on how they planned their wedding with a wedding gift registry.

The Backstory

One would expect a movie-style proposal, but Disha & Arjun’s story is everything but that. Their meeting happened because of destiny, or should we say, friends. A few dear friends thought Disha would get along well with Arjun, who was just recovering from a break-up. So, they conned them into arriving at the same location. All they remember was an awkward first meeting and the rest is history. They started out as two clueless teenagers, and after 10 long memorable years, they tied the knot on November 25th, 2020. Today they run a digital marketing agency called Alter Marketing Solutions in Mangalore as co-founders.

COVID combat

They were all set for their wedding in November 2020, after getting engaged in February 2019. Completely unaware of what was in store! After much postponing and deliberation, the provision to have small weddings from September offered some relief. However, travel bans were still in place in many countries, and this meant that Disha’s sister and brother in law from Australia could not attend the wedding. Having everyone physically present at the wedding still seemed a distant possibility. 

Virtual Wedding to the Rescue

Disha didn’t want her sister to miss out on the wedding fun, so they decided to live stream the wedding so her sister & brother in law could join in virtually from Australia. “Having our wedding streamed LIVE was the best decision we made, says Disha. “Our relatives & friends who were abroad and couldn’t have made it even without COVID watched it at home with family. They loved how they could be a part of the celebration”. They hope that virtual weddings last forever, pandemic or not.

Gift Registry – The New Way to Gift

Having grown up in the small town of Mangalore where everyone knew everyone, the couple thought that a gift registry would be frowned upon. But soon their friends and family started coming forward to ask them what gifts they liked, as many could not attend the wedding. As the list grew, the couple decided to add a registry to their website. “The major preparation we did, other than shopping, was working on our wedding website”, Disha recollects. The gift registry made it easy for their guests who wanted to send a small token of love to the couple.

Advice for Other Couples 

“If you have those who love around you, don’t think about the grandeur of a wedding. We had our wedding in our backyard with fairy lights and 100 people to celebrate with. We could not have dreamed of a more special day. Just make sure you ensure everyone’s safety by the following protocol and go on and get married. 

Our close ones were happy that they could buy us what we needed for a new home, instead of some showpieces & dinner sets! It is one of the best decisions we made. We hope you do too.”

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