Why Do You Need a Gift Registry for Every Occasion in 2021

We can all agree that 2020 was a crazy year. With pandemic and countless lockdowns, normal life came to a sudden halt. But as they say ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ and true to these words, we found ourselves fully adapting to the New Normal. With big fat Indian weddings getting leaner and technology playing a big part, we are living in a new era! What is garnering the spotlight now is the gift registry. Yes! Gifting in India is always a big affair. From weddings, baby showers to a house warming, or any other milestone, the gifting process is a pretty tedious one. Here comes the gift registry to save the day. 

So if you are someone who is new to this concept, the gift registry is a service where you can create a wishlist of any products, cash, charities, etc to send it to your guests. Simple and hassle-free!

We’re gonna tell you why exactly you need a gift registry for every occasion in 2021.

#1. Say No to wastage

The whole purpose of the gift registry is to cut down on unnecessary gifts. Who wants thousands of tea sets and clocks! The guests put so much effort into buying that perfect gift for you but they don’t know what you like or you may need when you’re not sharing your preferences. Result? Re-gifting. Don’t even get us started on the whole concept of regifting! You can avoid being in this situation by simply creating a gift registry! Get everything you need from the people you love with a gift registry

#2.  Anytime, anything, anywhere

The gift registry is extremely versatile – it suits any occasion and all types of gifts. That’s right, think beyond just tangible gifts. You can even add holidays, gift cards, cash funds, and charities! And now that gift registries have moved online, you can set one up from any corner of the world, right from the comfort of your home.

#3. So Stress-free!

Planning your special day can be such a stressful job. Running from one corner to another and making sure every minute detail is perfect, it’s not an easy task. You sure don’t need any more burden on top of it, so switch to a gift registry now!. It’s super easy to use and your loved ones from all over the world can contribute to your D-day! So you can enjoy your party your way.

#4. Guests’ favorite!

The greatest proponents of a gift registry are guests and with good reason. It takes a huge load off them as they don’t have to play the guessing game. They can just purchase or contribute any amount they like towards a gift registry, making it easy for them to stay within their budget. They also don’t have to lug around a boxed gift at the venue. And most importantly, they don’t have to spend time hunting for a gift, they can buy one at the click of a button.

#5. Free Free Free!

You gotta admit that free things are so good. Who doesn’t like free stuff? And a free service like a gift registry is just a cherry on top. Just login and start creating your wishlist. Share with your peeps and family and let the magic happen!

So hopefully we have convinced you to go for a gift registry now. Fingers crossed! The fun of getting whatever you want with absolutely no stress and hassle is truly bliss. So if you have any questions regarding your gift registry join our exclusive WhatsApp group for couples by clicking here! 

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