What to Add to Your Gift Registry If You’re the Groom

The wedding day no matter how hard you try is almost always going to be about the bride. But your gift registry doesn’t have to be. So start curating as soon as you can. Sounds easy peasy, right? But, are you unsure of what you want to add to it? Do not fret my friend, for we are here to help you out in picking out the best gifts which you might need after your wedding that can be added to your registry. 

So, here are 20 wedding gift ideas that are tailor-made for the groom!

Gift Registry for Him
Gift Registry for Him

#1. Shoe Stand

I cannot stress the importance of this wonderful yet the most underrated household item. Not only does it organize your collection of shoes, but it also saves a lot of space and keeps the house from getting untidy and also gives your Air Jordans their own special space!

#2. Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is any day better than a broom, don’t you think?  And it just makes the work much easier and not to mention the appreciation your significant other would give you seeing you try to help her.

#3. Beard grooming kit

Why do only girls need all the pampering? Why not a beard grooming for your best friend who makes you look totally cool? Shampoo, conditioner, oil, serum and wax – you are in for quite a treat.

#4. Portable ladder

Portable Ladder
Portable Ladder

Getting married, moving into a new house requires a lot of effort and time. A portable ladder would be of great help to move things around not only immediately but also later. A gift that you would never regret is a must in a gift registry.

#5. Tool kit

Tool Kit
Tool Kit

A hammer, screwdriver, wrench, measuring tape, pliers. These bare basics are enough to get small jobs done all around the house without calling for a mechanic if you know how to get the job done. So why not one?

#6. Blender

Who does not like a yummy milkshake to refresh themselves? Save the trouble of ordering online by learning the art of making milkshakes yourself. A milkshake a day keeps worry at bay!

#7. Geek crate Subscription box

If you happen to love movies, books, anime, TV series or gaming, I bet this subscription will be quite the gift for you. You will receive a monthly happy box filled with the amazing goodies from the selection of your choice to keep your inner child happy.

#8. Induction Stove

This is a lifesaver in the kitchen! Induction stoves are sustainable and a pretty decent gift that can be added to your registry. Easy to use and low maintenance, this is one of the best gifts that you can receive. 

#9. Suitcase

Who doesn’t love to travel? And if you love travelling, you know a suitcase is a must-have and it can never go unwanted. And of course, it can be used by your partner as well. Vacation, here I come!   

#10. Coffee maker

Who does not love a refreshing cup of coffee in the morning that touches your soul? A coffee maker would be the greatest add on to your gift registry. Trust us on this; you will thank us later for sure. 

#11. Board games

Board Games- Othello
Board Games- Othello

Playing board games never goes out of style. A good game of monopoly or even cards against humanity can clear all your worries and put you in the right state of mind. Plus, it is will help you greatly in engaging guests when you host a party.

#12. Portable table

Portable Table
Portable Table

Hosting a backyard or terrace party? Or going on a trek? A portable table will be your best friend. Not everyone will need this, but if you throw a lot of parties or love travelling, you got to add this to the list for sure. 

#13. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

This little device of happiness supported by artificial intelligence can be quite a helper around the house. Alexa helps in performing various activities around the house using voice commands. If you are into gadgets, we are sure you would love to receive this. 

#14. Polaroid camera

Polaroid Camera
Polaroid Camera

A Polaroid camera never fails to amaze me. It is a blend of both the old and new era for capturing moments at its best. Getting instant copies of memories sounds quite fun, doesn’t it? 

#15. Vintage clocks

A clock is a timeless gift, like literally. A touch of antiquity to the new house you’d be moving into sounds magical doesn’t it? Chuck the old, normal clocks. Anything vintage adds a classical beauty to your place.

#16. Duvets


How important are duvets? You would anyway be going shopping to buy the bare essentials. So why not add it to the registry? Not only will you need it, but the guests would also be content in getting you something that you might be actually using. 

#17. Lifesize mirror

Life Size Mirror
Life-Size Mirror

Checking out your partner and also yourself before leaving for work sounds nice, doesn’t it? A life-size mirror in your living room could easily add to the nice interiors for your house. This is a definite must-have. 

#18. Skincare hamper

Skincare Hamper
Skincare Hamper

A good skincare routine could do wonders to your skin. Maintaining the wedding glow on your face post marriage is not that hard a job after all. Your skin will appreciate you later for taking care of it by making you look young as you age. 

#19. Books


Books are of course a man’s best friend for they impart him with the knowledge that he can forever hold on to. There are a lot of self-help books that you add to your registry. And a fellow book enthusiast will be more than happy to get you some. 

#20. Decanter

Fan of good whiskey? Then a Decanter is definitely a must! Any person who loves whiskey will tell you this. So why not add it to your gift registry and give your loved ones a chance to gift you something you’re passionate about.

We guess you got an overall idea of what you might or might not want to add to your gift registry. Think and choose carefully for you would not want to leave any gift unused. Hope this helped you! 

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