How To Get the Gifts From Jennifer Lawrence’s Gift Registry!

Our favourite Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is getting married and we’re definitely excited. But what we’re more excited about is her gift registry! While the American beauty did take a fall when she won the best actress, she’s not taking one wrong step when it comes to her gift registry! With items starting as low as $16, there’s a healthy mix of everything a person needs when starting a new home! And with Wedding Wishlist’s amazing product portfolio, here’s how you too can add these products to your registry. 

Jlaw'sgift registry
Jlaw’sgift registry

So, here’s a comparison between some of the items in J Law’s gift registry and ours!

#1. Kitchen Appliances

When you’re setting up a new home, the kitchen is the most essential part and you start with that. From food processor to espresso maker J Law’s gift registry has a lot of kitchen appliances. Kitchen appliances are also something that everybody tends to add their wedding registry.

#2. Kitchenware

After appliances one of the most important things your kitchen need is kitchenware. From knife-sets to cooking utensils, your kitchen needs a healthy mix of all that’s essential. Here are some things you can add to your own from Jlaw’s registry

#3. Tableware

Jlaw’s registry has a healthy mix of essentials and fancy tableware. One thing that’s a bit offbeat is that there’s no china. Jlaw has added dinner plates but there’s no bone china in her registry

#4. Glassware 

Who doesn’t need glassware! A glass of wine or maybe even a cocktail or scotch will do the trick after a tiring day. It also allows you to wind down with your other half and will also be useful when entertaining guests!

#5. Gadgets

While the actress doesn’t seem to have gone to town with others, it sure seems like she did when it comes to gadgets. She’s added a healthy amount of travel as well as smart home gadgets. Her registry has the likes of a Gopro, adapter, wifi extender and even a robot mop!

#6. Travel Accessories

For an Oscar-winning actress, travel is a part of her job description and her gift registry definitely reflects that. From the various travel gadgets as well as the cashmere travel set, Jlaw definitely travels in style AND comfort!

#7. The Hosting Essentials

She has time and again said that she’s more of a homebody and doesn’t prefer partying up. So she has added the most number of items that come in use when entertaining guests and sure, we’ll never get invited to one of her house parties but the ones who do are sure bound to have a good time!

Being a known philanthropist, one thing lacking in her registry is charity. But with Wedding Wishlist, you can even add charity, cash and experiences! See something you like on Amazon, Pepperfry or any other site and want it as your wedding gift? Simply add them to your gift registry using the external website option!

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