A Gift Registry Curated for Every Occasion in 2020

We all know how the pandemic has affected our daily lives. But did you know that the pandemic is reshaping several industries and this includes the wedding industry too? As of today, big fat Indian weddings are a thing of the past. Virtual weddings are the future and a quintessential part of a virtual wedding is the gift registry. Your wedding registry will promote contactless gifting and will also ensure that you get the gifts that you actually need. 

But if you’ve got no time to curate your perfect gift registry, here are some ideas that can suit any couple!

A Gift Registry for Every Occasion
A Gift Registry for Every Occasion

#1. If you’re moving into a new home together

If you’re moving into a new home together you’ll obviously need the basics first. So add stuff like a stove, washing machine, bed, couch, kitchen appliances you need, serveware etc. You can also create a list of things required for different homes in your room and then just select the basic ones and add them to your gift registry. When creating a registry, ensure you cover all the things you absolutely need to set up your home.

#2. If you’re moving in with your in-laws

It may not be the norm, but a lot of people are still moving in with their in-laws after their wedding. While the bride is the one that mostly goes to her in-laws after marriage, nowadays even a few men are known to do that. So if you’re moving in with your in-laws, it’s a given that all your basic necessities and requirements will be covered. So this gives you the luxury to truly add what your heart desires. From luxury items to pamper yourself to things to decorate and make the space your own, you can add anything and everything your heart desires. 

#3. If you’re moving abroad

Moving abroad will not be an option now. But after all the travel restrictions are lifted, if you’re going to be moving abroad then adding things to the gift registry doesn’t make sense. What you can do is add cash funds, charities and gift cards from stores that operate in the city you’ll be moving to. But when adding gift cards, look at the validity and then add. Don’t add them if the validity is less than a year as we’re not sure about how this situation will progress. If you really want to add things, add minuscule things and things you will definitely carry like traditional cookware, trolleys etc. 

#4. If you’re moving in with your parents for now but will move out later

Due to the pandemic, a few couples are moving in with the parents for now. This could provide older people with much-needed comfort and care in these trying times. Also, moving into a new home amidst the pandemic will definitely put you at risk. So, this is one of the most sensible decisions. If you’re going to be doing this, then you have to be a bit cautious when adding things to your gift registry.

Add stuff that you can actually store at your parents’ if you’re not going to be moving to your new location within the next 3 weeks. If you were thinking about adding furniture or a fridge or washing machine, storing them safely will be a problem. So, add small things that you need and also add cash funds and gift cards, This will help you set up your home at a much later date as per your convenience. 

#5. If you were living together before and moving in into the same home

If you’ve been living together for quite some time before getting hitched, it’s all the more reason to create your wedding registry. There are high chances of you receiving things that you might already have. If you were living together, it’s a given that you have your basics covered and don’t need anything else. But there definitely will be things that you want but haven’t gotten around to getting it due to various reasons. So, add those to your gift registry and you can also, add gift cards and cash funds that you can use anytime and anything you want. That’s the most convenient and flexible option. 

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