7 Gift registry related Questions Answered by Guests

Planning a wedding is not easy. Planning an Indian wedding even more so. From last-minute mess ups to key people running late to even some vendors not showing up, there are instances that can make anyone turn into a ‘bridezilla’. Managing wedding gifts is one more thing on your plate that can become really easy by simply creating a gift registry. Although many couples are creating one today, there are still couples worried about creating a wedding registry.

So, here are 7 gift registry related questions answered by guests of Wedding Wishlist couples!

Gift Registry Questions Answered by Guests
Gift Registry Questions Answered by Guests

#1. Why should I create a gift registry?

C.D. Gopinath – Guests of Shreya & Sidharth

“A gift registry is a very good idea. The bride and groom don’t get the same gift from ten different people and don’t what to do and how to get rid of it. The other thing is also that when you go to buy a gift, you’ll be wondering what they’ll like. So, when buying from a gift registry you feel like you’re giving them something that they already want or already like and I’m sure that most of the guests would like to opt for this choice because it makes life very easy for them and also it’s packed and sent wherever they want. So you don’t have to carry it to the wedding and you can choose your own budget to give the gift. I think it’s a great idea!”

#2. Will it be easy for the guests to navigate a gift registry?

Kedar and Sarah – Guests of Gowtham and Sudha 

“Wedding Wishlist website has done a great job in streamlining the entire process. So, I got my gift from there and two days ago my dad also got a gift from there. He’s not very tech-savvy. But still, he was able to navigate through the website pretty seamlessly.”

#3. Will my friends love my gift registry?

Shruthi and Saranya – Guests of Sashwanthi and Rajkumar

“ We met Sashwanthi when we were in college and we found out about her gift registry a few days before the wedding. We think it’s a much-needed thing now in India. I mean it’s high time and we thought that it’s awesome that she could send us this link and we could easily get the gifts she wanted instead of buying her something that she might not need. It was also easy as we knew Sashwanthi but not her husband all that well. So we couldn’t have picked out gifts that both liked, so it was sort of cool that they came up with this.”

#4. Will my colleagues like my gift registry?

Sashwanthi’s Aunt – Guest of Sashwanthi and Rajkumar

“Sashwanthi’s colleagues and the entire staff found it so easy to identify and buy without a minute to think about what they need to get. It made their life easy and we’re all so happy about it. “

#5. If I add a gift for a large amount will my guests be forced to pay the complete amount?

Aravind – Guest of Anish and Priya

“I really liked the Wedding Wishlist concept because I thought it gave everyone an idea about what they needed and we were able to contribute whatever we could to a gift and I think that was a winner. “

#6. Can my friends gift as a group with a gift registry?

Adithya – Guest of Rahul and Shwetha

“My friend Rahul is a cycling enthusiast so we thought the perfect gift to give him would be a cycling experience in Tuscany. However, it was a lakh and above any of our individual budgets. So a bunch of us from work got together and created a group gift for him. It was super simple and everyone contributed how much ever they could. There was no “I owe yous” and best of all Rahul got the memory of his lifetime.”

#7. Will my guests find my wedding registry and wedding website useful?

Guests of Rohit and Catherine

“I think this is a really great idea and I loved it. I am very happy with what I chose for them. Maybe I wouldn’t have even chosen the same had I bought something on my own. So, I think creating a gift registry was a good decision. In addition to giving what they want, you get to give them something that nobody else is giving and hence becomes unique. Most of us got to know Rohith and Catherine’s story through their website and it was nice knowing it. This website was very well done as it didn’t trivialize the whole story. It was nice to know their story and I went through literally every page of their website, it was so well done!”

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