The good (and not-so-good) way of sharing your gift registry!

Gift Registry

Gift Registry

Ok, let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. A gift registry is the best thing to happen to Indian weddings since the mass adoption of a Bollywood-esque sangeet! But while everyone loves to give and receive wedding gifts that will be appreciated, it can sometimes be awkward to share your registry with guests. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so. There are some simple and widely accepted rules of sharing your gift registry, and if you follow our essential tips, we guarantee your guests will love and appreciate everything about it!

#1 Stop Overthinking!

A registry is not only the widely accepted norm for weddings in the West, but it’s becoming wildly popular in India too. Just like online matrimony and digital invites, it’s had an acceptance curve and today Indian guests LOVE the convenience of it. The fact the top Bollywood stars like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone did one certainly doesn’t hurt. So get it out of your head that your guests will find it awkward, because they won’t.

#2 Involve your close friends & family

Inform your inside circle about the gift registry, so if anyone asks your parents, close friends or siblings for wedding gift suggestions, they can just direct the guest to the registry. The same holds true for you, as the couple is always, always inundated with the question, “What would like for your wedding’.

#3 Integrate your gift registry with a wedding website

Technology can do wonderful things for your wedding, and it’s time you start leveraging it! Create a free wedding website for your big day, complete with details, pictures, maps and RSVP. And Wedding Wishlist offers you the option of integrating your registry within it. When presented beautifully with all other wedding details, the registry looks like yet another important piece of wedding information.

#4 Print your website link on your invitation

A wedding website is a great way of keeping your guests up-to-date with wedding information, timings, locations, dress codes and registry details. Share your website link on your digital or printed invites so guests have access to all the information they need at a click. This will also ensure they’re all informed about your registry, without it being an intrusive or in-your-face message.

#5 Word it well

When you create a gift registry, you have the option of leaving a note for your guests there. Make sure this is well worded and they understand your intention for creating one. Are you moving into a new home and want gifts that will help you set it up? Having a destination wedding and don’t want to bother your guests or yourself with the logistics of carrying gifts? Have everything you need, and want to start your new life by donating to charity? Or simply want a waste-free wedding where no gift you get with love is unused or re-gifted? Share what you’re feeling with your guests in a nicely worded message.

You can create your free gift registry on You can add gifts from any online store, cash, holidays or even charity to your registry.

Create Your Free Gift Registry

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