This Musician and Journalist jodi set up their home with a gift registry

Every time she saw a movie or a TV series with a bride rushing to get everything she wanted on to her registry, Nishtha wistfully thought she too would have one for her big day!

She was introduced to the concept of gift registry through popular media and felt the concept fit right into her scheme of things. She says, “I always knew the registry would be a part of my wedding, but needed to find the right service in India.” But one quick Google search made her realize that this was very much possible here.

Gift Registry
Nishtha & Sunneith on creating a Gift Registry

And that’s how she and Sunneith ended up with no gifts to recycle, and a new home filled with gifts they would love and use.

How they met..

Sunneith, formerly a part of the band, Bhayanak Maut met Nishtha, a journalist at a national publication, through a mutual friend in early 2017. Having known of each other as acquaintances for a few years, they actually started talking only 2 years ago. Bonding over cricket and music, it didn’t take them very long to know what was going to happen. Fast forward 1 year and they were talking marriage with family.

With no resistance from their parents, the wedding just took off in no time.  “Our parents were very understanding and there was no need for any convincing. It was all smoother than we imagined,” said the duo.

Why Registry?

“Talking to a married friend made us realize that non-usable gifts were a real thing. She had a cupboard full of different types of Ganesha and another cupboard full of lamps and crockery” says Sunneith. With Nishtha having already made up her mind long before, a gift registry was the obvious choice for them. Their idea was to set up a new home with wedding gifts. Also, they were getting married in Mumbai but living in Bangalore. So the registry also sorted out their problem of carrying the gifts back post the wedding.

How did their guests react?

“Initially we thought our guests might not like the idea. But just a few days before the wedding we added information about the wedding registry to our e-invite. The response was overwhelming and unbelievable. Our friends and family loved it.”

If you’re a couple like Sunneith & Nishtha, looking at a zero-waste wedding, the gift registry is your saviour in disguise.

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    May 13, 2019 - 4:28 pm

    It was unique and sensible and innovative idea,worked and clickled very well
    All end worked well

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