6 guests talk about their experience with a gift registry

With gift registry picking up as a concept, we were curious about what the guests thought about it. Couples generally fear that guests might not like the fact that they created a registry, but from these conversations here’s what we realized, guests are so relieved when they are told what to buy for the couple. We knew couples loved it because they got all the stuff they wanted.

Gift Registry
Gift Registry

But who knew what the guests felt? We were actually overwhelmed with the response, to say the least.

#1. A friend’s help

“Buying my friend the wedding gift she wanted was literally the biggest help I did her for her wedding. She had a mix of some branded handbags, a couple of honeymoon packages and some honeymoon packages. Literally, anything I would have got her on the registry, she would have used so there was no confusion. I just had to choose a gift that I liked from all the gifts she liked” – Sana sharma

#2. Smart wedding solution

“I just loved the fact that my dad’s friends son created a wedding gift registry. Aside from other smart things he did like using E-invites instead of paper invites, using an app for guests logistics, this was the smartest. Initially, we were planning to carry a big box for their wedding gift, but thank god for the registry, we could buy a gift just with a click of a button. “ – Pankaj Mehta

#3. A good save from the reception formality

“I was initially very hesitant about my son creating a wedding gift registry, but now I am so thankful he did it because at the reception he could walk around, not worrying about who is guarding the cash envelopes with the other gifts. Another thing that solved the cash gifts problem was the cash registry he created. I gave my own son his wedding gift from the registry. At least I  know he will definitely put that gift to some use.” – Shreeja Sanath

#4. A gift that would not go for a waste

“There are cash gifts, then there are Ganesha idols and then there are flower bouquets. I got married 3 months ago and I didn’t want my gift to be any of those. The person getting married was my best friend so I took the liberty to create a gift registry and shared it in our friend’s circle. He hasn’t stopped thanking me till date. “ – Mamta Sahu

#5. Convenience is the key

“I can sit at home and do this in a click – I attended a person’s wedding last year. And the invitation was last minute so I didn’t have the time to step out to buy something.Thank god their invitation spoke about the gift registry. All I had to do was scan the QR code and buy the gift with the click of a button. “  – Pavithra Manoj

#6. Contributing to a wedding gift

“It was a far off relative’s wedding and I had no idea what I wanted to give him. His gift registry had high-value gifts and frankly, my budget was not too big because he was someone I barely knew. I decided to use the contribute feature on his wedding registry to buy him something. I just received a thank you message from him while he was enjoying that honeymoon I contributed to in Bali.“ – Kailash shah

If you’re a guest or couple who has had the experience of creating or contributing to a wedding registry, do write to us at infor@weddingwishlist.com. If you’re an engaged couple who has changed their mind about a wedding gift registry, do sign up on weddingwishlist.com.

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