Enter with Style with These Top Groom Entry Ideas of 2021!

When it comes to weddings the spotlight is generally on the bride. But one of the fewer moments where the groom gets to be the center of attention is during his entry. But the time of entering on a Ghodi is long gone. If you’re a millennial groom, wouldn’t you want to know the best creative groom entry ideas out there? And why wouldn’t you, after all, you deserve the best!

groom entry ideas
Groom entry ideas

So, here are some cool groom entry ideas that’ll definitely leave everyone’s jaw hanging!

#1. The Hoverboard Groom

If you’re great at balancing yourself and love trying out new things then definitely consider entering on a hoverboard. This will definitely wow the guests, especially with some trendy and crowd favorite music!

#2. The Munnabhai-Circuit Routine

Munnabhai-Circuit Routine
Munnabhai-Circuit Routine

Another unique but popular groom entry idea is doing the Munnabhai-Circuit routine where the groom is sat in the sidecar and the scooter is driven by his best friend or a really close family member. The icing on the cake will be entering one of the Munnabhai movies’ songs. 

#3. The Royal Chariot

The royal chariot entry will definitely make you feel like the king of the world. You can use a horse or even a rickshaw or something else. Totally depends on you. Mix in some cold pyros and your entry will be truly dhamakedar!

#4. The Elephant Ride

Like we said earlier, forget the age-old custom of arriving on a Ghodi. Arrive at the function in style, perched on a majestic elephant, and all eyes will definitely be on you. Just ensure that the elephant is properly trained and the mahout is great!

#5. The #GroomSquad

One of the most popular groom entry ideas is entering with the groomsmen. But unlike perching on their shoulders and them having to carry you or something of that sort, just enter with a lighthearted but coordinated dance number and performance! 

#6. The Auto Wala

The Autowala
The Autowala

A hardcore Rajni fan? Pay a tribute to him by entering in an auto in quintessential Baasha style! Accompany the entry with a Thalaivar song and you’re good to go!

#7. The Motorhead

The Motorhead
The Motorhead

This is one of the best and somewhat popular groom entry ideas in India. If you’re a bike aficionado and are in love with your bike, incorporate into your entry and make it epic. You can do a solo entry and maybe even enter with your biker gang. Do a slow entry with some epic music in the background and you’re bound to give the spectators goosebumps. 

#8. The Drama Lover

If you love drama or better known as all things Bollywood, do a fabulous show-stopping entry! Ever watched a Bollywood awards show? Have you seen the celebs arriving with cold pyros and the stuff with epic entries? You can definitely imitate them at your wedding. From aerial acts to any of the non-life-threatening ones, pick the one you love and get your planner to arrange it for you. 

#9. The Romantic Boat Ride

This one of the groom entry ideas best suited for the introverted, silent guys. But this works only if you have a destination wedding with water bodies where you can go boating in. Just imagine arriving at romantic, soothing music to marry the love of your life. It definitely is swoon-worthy!

#10. The Modern Fairytale

If you/and your better half are fairytale enthusiasts, do a groom entry based on your favorite fairytale story or movie. For instance, you can enter on Aladin’s magic carpet as shown below or can pick anything you love, like even the pumpkin chariot from Cinderella!

#11. The Vintage Car Ride

The Vintage Car Ride
The Vintage Car Ride

If you’ve got that old soul, classy vibe going on and love all things vintage, then this might just be the perfect groom entry idea for you! Arrive in a classic 1936 Merc 170V or even a 1955 Triumph TR3 and leave everyone spellbound and hearts in their eyes. If you’re more of the James Bond type, you can even hire the likes of the 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider!

#12. The SkateBoard Entry

The Skateboard Entry
The Skateboard Entry

This groom entry idea might not be for everyone as you need to know how to skateboard first. But if you do know then Hurrah! This is the perfect and quirky entry you can ever have. It’s time to show off those mad skateboarding skills!

#13. With Man’s Best Friend

Man's Bestfriend
Man’s Bestfriend

Do a little Turner and Hooch routine and enter with your doggo if you have one. Though your trusted sidekick may get all the attention, it’s bound to melt everyone’s hearts!

#14. The Ambani Dulha

The Ambani Dulha
The Ambani Dulha

If you’ve got the dough, arrive in true Ambani style with a helicopter! This’ll require a lot of thought and planning. So, if you’re thinking of springing for this entry idea, then let your planner know before-hand. With a grand entry like this, you cannot be ill-prepared. 

#15. The Forced Groom Act

The Forced Groom Act
The Forced Groom Act

This one of the light-hearted groom entry ideas that’s bound to leave the crowd in splits. Do a little act with your squad like you trying to run away and then them forcing you into a shopping cart and pushing you to the venue. The absurdity of the act is the key and it’ll turn out to be one of the most memorable moments at your wedding. 

These groom entry ideas are bound to make you stand out and make your wedding memorable for the guests. So choose one that suits your taste and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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