Know All About the New Groom Fashion Trends of 2021

A wedding day is not only a big day for brides but it is for grooms as well. But for some reason, the brides always get the limelight. If you don’t believe me then you can search the internet for groom’s fashion. Only a handful of guides are out there! But if you search for bride’s fashion, you will get a wave of guides and tips. Our sympathy goes out to all the grooms. But fret not! Here is a not-so-perfect but much-needed groom fashion guide to save you from all that unnecessary surfing.

Groom Fashion Trend
Groom Fashion Trend

So, our top five groom fashion trends for 2021 are:

#1. Rang de Pastels

Gone are the days when pastels were considered ‘girly’. The new generation has now wholeheartedly accepted the soft colors and what can we say, they are just rocking it. And why not? The pale palettes not only highlight your natural tone but it is elegantly pleasing to the eyes. You can also color coordinate with your other half and set new couple goals. With many celebrities opting for pastels for their wedding, it is the rage of 2021.

#2. Layers are good!

A layered necklace with gemstones like emerald, ruby, jade, etc can be your saving grace. We know you must be thinking that men don’t need any jewelry but my my you are wrong! Hear us out loud and clear, don’t ever shy away from jewelry! You can never imagine how they can accentuate your wedding wear. With traditional Indian wear like sherwani, a layered necklace will give you the regal look that you deserve on your big day.

#3. Swirling and twirling in my Manakarlis

Thanks to Ranveer Singh for starting this groom fashion trend, Manarkalis are gaining recognition among a lot of millennial grooms. The male counterpart of Anarkalis, Manarkalis are not only comfortable but they are the perfect combination of regal and fun. Even top designers like Sabyasachi have added it to his collection FIZA. From fit to flare and with a lot of jacket options, you will have the space to experiment and personalize it to the core. 

#4. Rocking my Shawl

Not many people realize but shawls or stoles can just change the look in a snap. If you are going with a sherwani with very minimum design or no design at all then a shawl with a beautiful or unique shawl will fill in the gap. You can also experiment with contrasts-  pale shawls with beautiful embroidery with dark tone sherwani or vice versa. Try some bold colors like red or brown. But whatever you choose, it should suit you at the end of the day!

#5. Quirky shoes

Nobody gives a lot of thought to the shoes but if you ask us it can make or break your look. Especially when all eyes will be on you on your wedding day, you have to be 10 out of 10! Leave your plain jutti or loafers and opt for embroidered or embellished footwear. Velvet texture and printed shoes are also in demand. Make sure whatever you choose, comfortability should come first. With so much dancing, greeting all the guests to countless hours of standing, your shoes have to go through a lot. So spare your feet the misery and choose what’s right for you!

Selecting each element of your wedding wear is a long process but totally worth it.  After all, it’s your big day!  You are the star of your wedding and you deserve the perfect look. This groom fashion guide will give you the headstart you needed so go now!

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