Guide by the Blue Nile to Enhance Your Wedding Using Technology!

Are you one of the many couples planning your wedding during a global pandemic? You’ll no doubt be dealing with some additional challenges on top of the usual wedding planning stress. But thankfully, technology can play a really important role in helping you say “I do” safely.
To get you inspired, we recently spoke to the Blue Nile, the world’s leading online retailer of diamond engagement rings, to share our best tips for using technology to enhance your wedding

Technology in Wedding

From online registries to automated bartenders (yes, really!) and technology for Live Streaming your nuptials, the options are endless.

Change your perspective

Given the current pandemic, one of the major challenges of hosting a wedding is to ensure it is a stress-free and waste-free process. We encourage couples to look at their wedding as a net-savings event as opposed to a huge-spending event.

Most importantly, this has resulted in the involuntary reduction of the guest size, thus it becomes imperative to host the wedding so that the memories are just as special!

Host a more sustainable wedding

Technology allows couples to simplify and make wedding planning a breeze. It has changed the way “big fat weddings” are perceived. As per the Blue Nile, the positive change in millennial couples’ mindset with the desire to plan sustainable weddings, has led them to add technology to ensure a smart and non-wasteful event.

Wedding tech to help you stay organized

Tech-driven services such as Wedding Websites, Live Streaming, Wedding Invitation Online, Gift Registry, Wedding Planning Checklist, Budget Planners, and Wedding Planning App are becoming increasingly popular.

Wedding Wishlist is just the one-stop platform to help couples seamlessly plan their wedding while saving both money and time. Wedding Wishlist also offers technology to ease the planning of other important events such as baby showers, milestone birthdays, and anniversaries as well.

Invite your guests – virtually

Technology also helps you include those far-away guests who are not able to make it to the wedding. They can be a part of the wedding celebrations with Virtual Wedding. These types of technology make it possible for you to bring your friends and family together in a safe and socially distanced way.

Final thoughts

Getting married amid a global pandemic comes with its challenges, but all is not lost. According to the Blue Nile, with the help of technology and creativity, you can still have a beautiful and memorable wedding you always dreamed of.

Want to add technology to your wedding? So opt for a virtual wedding now. Need some tips and ideas to plan an intimate wedding during the corona pandemic? Join our exclusive WhatsApp group for couples by clicking here!    

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