Having a Baby? Here Are the 8 Most Essential Things You Need to Buy

The world is witnessing an unprecedented baby boom and if you’re also a mom to be expecting your little one soon, we’re sure you’ve got a lot on your mind. From long shopping lists to reading parenting books, a mom-to-be is a busy woman. And babies, albeit tiny, need a whole lot of things when they arrive in the world. So if you’re confused about where to start and what to get, here are some of the most essential items you need to add to your baby gift registry, or tick off your list asap. 

 Diapering Essentials:

Yes, babies will arrive and they will pee and poop and you need to ready to face that barrage. So when you’re starting on your shopping, stock up on this category! From extra packs of diapers (babies go through them on alarming speed), so your rash cream, wipes, changing mats and napkins, make sure you’re well-stocked in this department 


Rai Pillow:

While there are many mixed opinions about the baby’s head shape and pillow needs, the rai pillow or mustard-seed pillow is the widely accepted choice of new moms. This pillow will help your little one get good sleep and prevent them from getting a flat head. So make sure to add this to your shopping list. 

A medical kit:

Yes, this one is a pretty important one. Babies, unfortunately, don’t come with a manual and it can be very hard for new parents to understand all the things that happen to them in the early days. However, some essentials at home can mitigate a lot of these troubles—ColicAid, baby Crocin, a syringe to administer meds, alcohol swabs, a digital thermometer and gauze are some items your pediatritian would recommend always keeping at home. 

Plastic-base changing sheets:

Babies can be messy. From diaper changes and peeing accidents to spit-ups and vomit, they can really leave your beautifully decorated home in the want of a makeover. So invest in a generous number of changing sheets with a plastic base and keep them handy in all rooms of the home where the baby will spend time. 


It doesn’t matter what time of the year you have your baby, mittens are an essential item on your shopping list. Little ones tend to have sharp nails and end up scratching themselves all the time. Making them wear mittens can keep them safe and warm. 

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So many onesies:

You may not know the gender of your baby yet, but you do know irrespective of it, they will be spending most of their time in this magic garment. Forget gender specific shopping and stock up on onesies in neutral colours for your baby’s first wardrobe. 

A good breast pump:

Each mom has her own feeding journey, but if you plan to breast feed or express, then a good pump is a very important buy. Pumping affords lactating moms some level of freedom and flexibility as anyone can feed their baby with pumped milk. So if that is your plan, invest in a good pump and the other essentials like bottles, teets, steriliser and bottle warmer. 

A baby journal:

We all think we’ll preserve memories from our baby’s childhood, but once they arrive, there is little time for anything else. Invest in a good baby journal where you can document the different milestones of your little one, make notes and record memories. There is nothing your baby would like more than to read this when they grow up.

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