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Some of the best ways to melt your parent’s hearts before your wedding are by doing something special for them. After all, they deserve the best for all that they have done for you. Show them your gratitude through simple yet effective ways that are sure to create warm fuzzy feelings every time they look at it and be reminded of your gesture.


Photographs are one of the best ways to create something special for them. So make sure you have a stack of photographs handy to create something special for the ones you love. Here are some of the best DIY gifts that tell your story with them, which is sure to take them back in time with you, every time they see it.

An Elegant Feature wall of Photo collage – An amazing way to create a photo memory with your parents is by choosing a wall and creating a photo collage of framed photographs. You can even start the project by painting the wall with a colour of your choice and then continue with the photos. For this, take similar sized photographs; find frames of the same colour. If your wall is white, black frames will be great. Insert the photographs into the frame. A mounting would be great to bring your photograph out. After your photographs are in the frame, plan the wall where you would like the photographs to be hung. You could choose for this to a symmetric arrangement or an abstract arrangement. Drill holes in the wall, according to your plan of arrangement. Insert the nails. Finally, your frames are ready to be hung. Make sure you arrange your memories in a meaningful way – around your story.


Coffee table Photo book – Creating a coffee table book is a great gift for your parents before you leave. You can either design one on your own, by planning a book with an arrangement of photos on each page and then get it printed through a service or get a printing company to help you with this project. They can plan it out with you, insert designs of your choice and print the book to your satisfaction. This is a great book that you can keep on their coffee table. In their tea time, this book will take them through memory lane.

weddingwishlist photoalbum

Handmade DIY Album – If you would like your gift to be truly special then instead of getting the photo book printed to be a coffee table book, why not make a book yourself. What better way to make them feel special by having your hand picked cards glued to the book, with special messages for each of them and short descriptions of the story behind each photograph – all with your own handwriting?


Family Photo Frames on Hallway Table – Frames are the best way to go about displaying family memories around your home. Interestingly, displaying photos on walls have become more popular than simply standing them up on hallway or entry tables. Even if this is old-school, having them displayed on tables around your home and rooms are much easier than hanging them up; plus this gives a vintage feel to your space as well.

All you need to do is print some amazing digital images from your recent holiday in black and white. Buy a few frames in varying sizes and styles. Weave an unspoken story about your life with your parents with these photographs and display them on an entry table or in the hallway. You will be surprised at how these framed memories will turn their house into a home.

Undertake this project one day when they are not around. This is sure to surprise them and give them warm fuzzy feeling.


Just a simple Handmade Card to say ‘Thank You’ and ‘I love you’ – Why not just get back to the basics and do something really simple? You can do this by creating a photo card with your favourite photograph of your parents with you. Hand write a beautiful note to them about how much they mean to you or a note to say thank you or I love you. So simple!


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