Here’s how to create a registry your guests will love!

If you have any milestone occasion coming up soon, be it a wedding, baby shower or even birthday, then one of the most important things on your to-do list should be to create a registry. For the uninitiated, a gift registry is like creating a wishlist of gifts you would like to receive for your special celebration. This list is shared with guests, who can then buy or contribute towards anything they want. And the end result is that you get the gifts you love while your guests can get you those gifts with complete ease. 

create a registry
create a registry

While that sounds easy enough, the real trick lies in creating a registry your guests will love to shop from. Many people fear their guests might get offended with a registry, however, if its done right, guests love it. And we’ve got all the tips and tricks on creating a great registry. 

Integrate it with your website 

Be it a bridal registry or a birthday registry, one of the key mistakes people make when sharing their gift registry is doing it minus the website. When you’re celebrating any milestone occasion, it’s always a good idea to create a free custom website for the same with your event details, pictures and information for guests. Integrating your gift registry within this website feels far softer and more organic for guests than circulating a gift wishlist as an independent URL. 

Personalise a message for guests

If you’re creating a registry for your special occasion, don’t forget to leave a message for your guests right in the beginning. This is something that adds warmth to the experience and gives your guests some context. For instance, if you are getting married and add lots of holidays to your registry, you can tell your guests that these will help you and your partner create memories and that guests can contribute any amount they like towards any gift. Also, since the concept of registry is still gaining momentum in India, it’s nice to have a line explaining how it works to your less tech-savvy guests. 

Add a mix of gifts

When creating a registry, you have to add what you want, but you also want to make sure your guests will be happy gifting those things to you. So if you want to do just a cash registry or just a charity registry, some guests may not be happy contributing as they prefer getting a physical gift. So its best to keep a good mix on your registry—some products, experiences, cash and charity, if you like. 

Cover all price points

Not all guests will have the same budget, or a really big budget. So when creating a registry you have to keep all price points in mind. While your guests are always free to contribute towards any gift, since the concept is still new in India, it may not be clear to all. Also, a lot of guests feel more satisfied buying the whole item vs a part contribution. 

Do it in time 

The most critical part about creating a good gift registry experience for your guests is to share your registry well in time. It’s impolite and inconvenient for you to share a wishlist just days before your celebration as most people would have already got you a gift would end up feeling stuck because you shared a last minute registry. 

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