Here’s How to Have Your Dream Destination Wedding Without Breaking the Bank!

We all love a fairy-tale, especially when it comes to planning the most romantic day of our lives. And what better way to make it a reality than to choose a beautiful, exotic location for your wedding? However, destination weddings can burn a serious hole in one’s pocket. From travel and logistics to hosting all guests, and providing non-stop food, beverage and entertainment, it can be a pretty expensive affair. But if you have your heart set on having one, we bring some ideas on how to plan a destination wedding on a budget.

plan a destination wedding on a budget
plan a destination wedding on a budget

Read on to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. 

Manage your guest list. 

The best part about a destination wedding is that you get to spend a few days with all your loved ones in one place. Both sides of the family can get to know each other and truly enjoy the celebrations. However, this is only fun if everyone there is really close to you. So make sure your guest list is really tight and you only invite the most important people in your lives. Not only will this make the celebration more fun, it will also reduce your budget significantly. Since you’re providing stay and logistics for each guest, a reduction in the number will have a big impact on your bottom line. 

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Choose an off-beat destination

If you’re looking to do a budget destination wedding in India, location plays a significant role. If you look at the over saturated venues like fort hotels in Rajasthan or beach resorts in Goa, you’re bound to pay a packet. However, if you’re inventive with your destination and choose something unique, not only will your guests love the experience but you’ll also get a much better deal at the venue. 

Get creative with entertainment 

One of the most expensive part of a destination wedding is the entertainment. Since you have to keep your guests busy for the entire stay, couples end up spending a large amount of money on organising the same. From live singers and bands to other performers, this can really cost. But if you’re looking to plan a destination wedding on a budget, get creative here. Plan fun games that your friends can make everyone play like a rapid fire with the family, or a fun bingo. Instead of having a DJ for all functions, make your own playlist and use it as an alternate. If you have access to a beach or pool, invite everyone to get in for some water games. 

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Be clear about expenses

One of the most unfortunate and deep costs of a destination wedding is all the room service, mini bar and spa bills that guests sign to their rooms before leaving but don’t end up paying. To avoid this, make sure each guest has to swipe their card for a refundable deposit on check in and let the hotel know that they need to get the guest to clear the bill before check out. If you put this politely on the wedding details note, guests will appreciate it and you’ll save a ton of money. 

Do a gift registry 

If you’re having a destination wedding, managing gifts can be a real task. Guests have to carry gifts all the way to another destination, and then you have to carry them all back! Instead, do a registry and add everything you want for your new home or life together. You can even add your honeymoon to this. While this does not directly save money on your destination wedding, it saves you A LOT of money you would have to spend otherwise on getting these things. That money saved can offset some costs of your destination wedding. And your guests will be thrilled they got you something you’ll actually use.

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