10 Wedding Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite Hollywood Movies

COVID19 has given the big fat Indian wedding a pretty lean makeover! And if you were one of those brides who always dreamt of having a typical OTT, filmy-style wedding a la Karan Johar, now’s probably not the time to get married. However, as things go smaller with weddings, we look to those who have mastered the art of intimate wedding—the West. Weddings in Hollywood movies are so dreamy and with the perfect amount of elegance!

Wedding inspo from Hollywood movies
Wedding inspo from Hollywood movies

So we dug into the archives and found the most romantic, beautiful, and somewhat corny wedding ideas from our favorite Hollywood movies! 

#1. Sex & The City

Sex and the city- Mr. Big's proposal
Sex and the city- Mr. Big’s proposal

Forget weddings, this movie has provided us with more life inspo than most spiritual gurus. Our favorite moment though? Start right at the top with a Mr. Big-style proposal. With reduced travel and fanfare in general, an OTT proposal may not be feasible now. However, no girl could say no to a proposal that involves a stunning Manolo Blahnik and a walk-in closet, right? 

#2. Bride Wars 

Liv and Emma in the PLAZA
Liv and Emma in the PLAZA

If there is one thing that this movie taught us, it’s that venue matters. For Kate Hudson and Anne Hathway, it was The Plaza. What would it be for you? With distinctly smaller weddings, you now have a lot more budget to have your wedding at the venue of your dreams. So pick the most decadent one you can think of and start your fairytale right in the middle of the sparkling chandelier and fine china. 

Also, the fact that both brides decided to do a gift registry for their wedding is an unforgettable inspiration for all couples. Create a registry so every gift you get is loved!  

#3. The Great Gatsby

Gatsby and Daisy
Gatsby and Daisy

So there’s not much to be inspired by in terms of the love story here compare to other Hollywood movies but when it comes to wedding style, there’s a bountiful you can take home! If your wedding is going to be an intimate ceremony with your closest people, take a cue from the vintage style in this movie and really glam things up. Host a post-wedding reception that has an excess of pearls, feathers, and flowing cocktails for an unforgettable evening! 

#4. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Cameron Diaz in My best friend's wedding
Cameron Diaz in My best friend’s wedding

90 gave some of the best Hollywood movies! Think Cameron Diaz killing it at karaoke and you’ve got yourself a great pre-wedding idea right there. What’s a better way to keep your guests entertained than a fun karaoke night. Just pump up the volume and let everyone find their inner melodies! 

#5. The Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula and Ian
Toula and Ian

There’s a lot to get inspired by in this movie. Right from learning to navigate cultural differences than invariably crop up in weddings to being hands-on with the planning. Here’s a groom who’s all about learning to adapt and a bride who even does her own makeup. Does not get simpler and smarter than this! 

What’s your favorite wedding inspiration from the above mentioned Hollywood movies? Share your thoughts. Also check out the best couples in Hollywood as well!

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