The Complete Guide to Planning a Home Wedding in 2020

The wedding industry has changed completely due to Corona. A significant amount of people today are opting for a home wedding wherein having a big fat Indian wedding is impossible. Social gatherings are being banned and this will definitely impact the number of guests being invited to a wedding that’s why most couples are opting for virtual Weddings and guests can join them online on their big day. 

So, here’s the complete guide to having a home wedding!

Planning a Home Wedding
Planning a Home Wedding

#1. The venue

So you’ve already decided you’re gonna have a home wedding because you have invited either 50 less than 50 guests to your big day. First things first, you have to decide exactly where in your home are you going to accommodate the people and have the ceremony. It could be your living room, backyard or even the terrace. But make sure that your guests are not packed in together and you have some good lighting for your pictures. There should be enough space for the guests to maintain social distancing. That’s the first thing you should consider when picking your Venu. 

#2. The decor

Sourcing is going to be a huge issue at this point. So keep your decor simple and elegant and sourcing local flowers shouldn’t be an issue. You can even do some D-I-Y stuff along with your people at home. If you’re having an indoor wedding, fairy lights can spruce the space up in an instant. If you’re having an outdoor day wedding then flowers and greens do well. When having an outdoor night/evening wedding, ensure you have enough lighting and making use of candles and lamps can give the space a romantic aura.

#3. The vendors

When you’re having a home Wedding you’ll have to work closely with your vendors and they’ll make a significant part of your wedding. So make sure you trust your vendors and also have an exit clause mapped out so that you don’t suffer a huge loss if due to any reason you has to cancel or postpone your wedding. Also, choose only vendors that are absolutely necessary. Try to plan and do as much on your own and make use of online platforms well. 

#4. Wedding Websites and Live streaming

When it comes to home weddings, you’ll only be inviting your really close family and friends. But that doesn’t mean the others cannot be a part of your big day. You can make them a part of your special day through live streaming. Also, use wedding websites and online wedding invitations to invite guests. Wedding Wishlist has some amazing templates you can check out. Moreover, your wedding website has all the information the guests need in detail that they can access whenever they want and also have your gift registry. So creating a wedding website will definitely be helpful. 

#5. Zoom wedding

Here’s another option, which is quite frankly a little better than live streaming. Guests can actively take part, interact with each other and the couple and can truly get the experience of attending a wedding. You can have a home wedding and make use of Wedding Wishlist to set up separate zoom chatrooms for your guest groups and also assist your guests with any technical problem they might have. This makes the entire process simple and easy for you as well as your guests. Click here, to see that and other services we offer when it comes to virtual weddings. 

#6. Wedding Catering

Food is an important part of Indian weddings and that is an undeniable fact. But at this time people can get quite nervous when it comes to eating out. So make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions. Check the temperature of each and every person entering your venue. Buffets can be avoided and instead make arrangements in such a way that social distancing protocols are maintained. Ensure sanitizers are available everywhere and also ensure that the food is piping hot and doesn’t go cold. 

#7. Return gifts

Return gifts are a way for you to thank your guests for being a part of your big day. Even if you have a home wedding, you can definitely distribute return gifts to people who have attended weddings online and offline. Wedding Wishlist has a range of gourmet, trinkets and other items that are best suitable for return gifts. You can also send them gourmet items, chocolates etc as return gifts. Contact us to know more!

#8. Making a difference

If you’ve created a wedding gift registry, you’ve definitely minimised wedding waste. Use banana leaves and other biodegradable stuff at your wedding instead of using single-use plastics. You can give the food and flower waste to the local cow shelters/ animal shelters. In addition. you can also distribute the excess food amongst those who are less fortunate and are unable to source food in these challenging times. You can also do some good by adding charities to your gift registry and donating to them. 

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