Big Girl in a Skinny World – Honeymoon Dress Ideas for 2020

It is a fact universally known that every Big girl getting married faces stress and panic when it comes to shopping for her honeymoon dress. When it comes to plus size fashion, finding something that fits well and also looks good is a real challenge. Most western casuals do not come in plus sizes, and if they do, they are mostly centred around covering up the body in the most unflattering ways. Your honeymoon is supposed to be a well-deserved vacation after all the craziness that Indian weddings ensue. You shouldn’t have to compromise on feeling confident in your skin and dressing up or dressing down while looking great for all those beautiful photographs.

So if you are stressing about what to wear when vacationing, we have put together some honeymoon dress ideas that will help you play to your strengths. 

Honeymoon Dress Ideas for the Curvy Girl
Honeymoon Dress Ideas for the Curvy Girl

If you are going to a Beach:

A history of body shaming and an absolute lack of good plus sizes beachwear means it’s almost impossible for plus-sized women to understand what works for them if travelling to a beach location. Always remember though, it’s your body and you have to feel comfortable in your skin, so when in Rome, you know the drill. Don’t think twice before shopping for Shorts, skirts, flowy maxi dresses and even short dresses. Go for bright, vibrant colours and don’t be afraid of showing some skin, it’s yours, after all. 

Layering up with a statement shrug or a cover-up if you aren’t comfortable with sleeveless or bandeau style tops is a great option for your honeymoon dress. Do try a few off-shoulder styles though, even if you haven’t tried them before. They look great, are totally beach appropriate and are so comfortable to carry. Keep your shorts mid-thigh length, same goes for your short dresses, go for styles that cinch around your waist, don’t go for unstructured cuts, they look forgiving, but believe me, they are not. Experiment with fun cover-ups, and carry at least two well-fitted swimwears with you.

There are a lot of cool high waist style swimsuits that look awesome on plus-sized women, in case you want to try out a bikini-style swimsuit, otherwise, an a-line dress style swimsuit works for most plus-sized silhouettes. Remember to carry some vibrant scarves and stoles, they look amazing in all the breezy beach sunsets. 

If you are answering the call of the Mountains:

Depending on the temperature of the area where you are going, dressing for the mountains typically requires a little more coverage than the beach, so carry vibrant ankle/calf-length dresses. Jeans/fitted pants and structured jackets are another great option, you can always tie the jacket around the waist if it gets too hot. Layering is your best friend if you are travelling to colder destinations. Remember to use colours to your advantage if you are worried about all the layers ending up looking bulky. Bright, vibrant colours always photograph better and stand out. Style your outfits with nice stoles/scarves, they can double up as a cover-up when needed. Pair your honeymoon dress with interesting boots and sneakers and go all out! 

If you are exploring Cityscapes:

This one is a mix of a little bit of everything, so you get to experiment with a wider wardrobe for your honeymoon dress. Daywear dresses that can be carried into the night with some basic makeup and accessory adjustment, shorts, maxi dresses, skirts and pants, there is room for everything in your wardrobe if you are travelling to a cityscape. The smart thing to do, however, will be to maximise looks out of a few key pieces and carry very few standalone statement pieces. Structured pants (get these tailored if you can’t find one that fits), glamorous tops that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your plans, dresses that can be worn in more than one way, these will all come in handy for you.

Don’t shy away from experimenting with looks that are different from what you usually wear. Darker bottoms and lighter tops usually work to the advantage of plus-sized women, but if you are top-heavy, you may consider trying an opposite approach. When in doubt, always choose black, but remember to spunk it up a little with a pop of colour. Spaghetti straps look great, and so do cold shoulder styles, wear your honeymoon dress with confidence. And never forget to carry whatever you are wearing with a smile!

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