Ditch the Selfie Stick

We all have had blurry photos taken in return for the studio quality photos you take for others. Would you want the same to happen on your honeymoon too? Then you need a honeymoon photographer.

A honeymoon photographer and a wedding photographer are two different species. One specializes in putting the limelight on the couple, while the latter has to make sure everyone who comes to the wedding gets their share of profile pictures.

Capture you Picture Perfect Moments

Hiring a dedicated honeymoon photographer is one of the best ways to celebrate your first vacation as a married couple. You need not fret about missing those precious moments that would have garnered a hundred likes or been the perfect bedside photo frame. Instead, sit back and let the photographer capture those picture-perfect moments, in all your uninhibited beauty.

Your Last Chance to Chill Before the Grind

People often worry about clicking good pictures that they can show off to their friends and family, rather than actually enjoying the honeymoon. Giving the job of making the perfect album to the photographer helps you de-stress and unwind after the days of effort you’ve put in to create your dream wedding. So those romantic sunsets, candlelight dinners and walks on the beach need not be spent looking at each other through a phone screen.

selfie stick

Ditch the Selfie-Stick

Ditch the Selfie Stick

Ditch the Selfie Stick

The highlight of having a photographer is that you do not have to be seen in public wielding godawful selfie sticks or taking pictures with your iPad. You know who you are, people. Selfies or even pictures taken by strangers do not usually turn out to be frame-worthy. That can be a shame because, for most newlyweds, their honeymoon is their trip of a lifetime. A professional photographer can truly showcase your honeymoon for what it is; a celebration of love. So, you need not worry about carrying a chunky DSLR. Not even dropping your phone off the selfie stick while doing acrobatics.

Blurry vs Clear

We all know that your brand-new iPhone’s camera can make you look like Vogue magazine’s cover models. But would it really match up to a device specifically made to make sure you look like a model, even when you get out of bed or sneeze? Trade in those blurry pictures for crystal clear and sharp photos clicked by a professional with the right tools that will keep the joyous memory of your honeymoon evergreen.

Be Present

We live a digital world, constantly staring into our screens, often forgetting to enjoy the company of our partners. It’s easy to forget to cherish the present while trying to document our lives through Instagram filters. Having a professional photographer document these special memories for you lets you indulge in all your romantic adventures.

Honeymoons are just as special as the wedding for newlyweds. They deserve the same amount of meticulous planning and professional expertise, to give you a smooth ride and an album full of memories.