Why You Absolutely Need to Go for a Housewarming Website

Technology has come a long way and we have integrated it to each and every process of our daily lives. With just one click we can do pretty much anything. In fact, for celebrations as well, we have incorporated technology. With wedding websites now a rage, why leave other celebrations like housewarming? Now, you can create your own housewarming website and wow your guests!

Housewarming Website
Housewarming Website

Here are few reasons why you should go for a housewarming website

#1. Inviting with style

The website is an amazing way to invite. You can choose from various templates or customise it to match your taste. You can have it more personalised by adding a monogram with your initials! Add your new house pictures and a sweet message and voila! With just one click. Your guests can have a preview of your new home sprinkled with your style. Now isn’t it a good idea?

#2. Eco-friendly

Gone are the days of paper invites. Though it is still widely used for an intimate event like a housewarming, using physical invites doesn’t sit right! Sending invites via text message sounds so dry. So, the best option is a housewarming website that doesn’t require papers at all. With just one link, you can invite hundreds of your guests! No need for unnecessary travel amidst the pandemic which ensures safety as well as savings of fuel when prices are skyrocketing. Win-win situation!

#3.Bring the party

Now we understand how the pandemic has snatched the face of celebration but who said you cannot have a party? No, we are not breaking any rules and yes, everyone on your guest list will be invited. The solution is simply a virtual guest party. With a housewarming website, you can have a blast with everyone virtually without having to compromise the safety. Your guests no matter the distance will be able to join in from the comfort of their homes. A special day with special people!

#4. Where are my gifts?

It is a celebration, a new beginning so obviously your guests will give you something to start your life in your new abode. But how many of those gifts will be actually useful to you? So, why to go through so much of a process when you just need a gift registry! Create a wishlist of all the things you need on your housewarming website and just let your guests contribute or purchase. You can not only add products but also cash and gift cards. Incase, you feel you have everything you need then why not help the needy by adding charities. Everything you need at one place. Smart and hassle-free!

#5. Sharing Joy

The best part of the website is to convert it to a post event website. In simpler words, you can extend the life of your website and you can add after event pictures! You can add the pictures of you using the gifts you got or how you set up your house using new gifts. You can share your memories of your virtual party. At the end of the day, it is the memories you made and it will always stay with you forever. A post event website will be the best way to go about it.

With these reasons, we hope you now know the importance of a housewarming website and why you have to go for it! A new house, be it big or small, is a huge milestone for you. Such an important day should be celebrated with all your loved ones. A perfect day with a perfect website!

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