How About a Technology Fast?

It was my day off and I was binge watching romantic comedies, Hallmark romcoms to be precise. I stumbled upon a movie where a couple experiences a power shutdown for hours and they are left with no choice but to talk to each other. Why is that so surprising? Well, in the times of social media and endless access to technology, just sitting and have a conversation without actually fidgeting with your phones every few seconds, is a rare thing.

And then it got me thinking. When was the last time we took a break from technology and went for a romantic meal? Preferably a cafe that has board games? And anything, except access to technology. We don’t realize it, but we automatically choose WiFi access places over anything else.

Imagine a day full of catching up on old memories, playing scrabble or just painting with your other half? That for me is the dream date. Taking a road trip without capturing every moment, but actually living it. That is the ideal trip for a couple. You could jam your favourite playlists, watch your favourite movies or even cook together.I can imagine myself laughing hard at the little things and just talking to him like I did the first time we ever met. I would like to listen to a random office story or a strange event rather than showing off the number of likes a post on social media has received. You’ll be surprised to find out how relaxing and stress-free that actually feels. When we are not constantly looking down or scrolling through.

How about a technology fast

A walk by the beach and a partner by your side

I remember when I was in long distance relationship and every time I got back to town to spend time with him, he would constantly be on his phone, every few seconds and on the other hand, I did not even know where my phone was. But one day, we just played pool, sang our hearts out and just drove around, while our phones were lying on the backseat. And that felt so good!

In the digital age, we don’t do these things anymore but we love the idea of it. We ogle at headlines that preach, ‘put your phones away and sit back and relax’. We instantly share an article that says ‘This couple went for 5 days without technology and traveled the country’

So how about actually putting that into play? It takes me back to a scene in the film, where the couple spends hours chatting and actually realizing all the things they had almost forgotten to indulge in. All the simpler times they cherished. The power is back and well the world was still the same without their updates. But their relationship? It had got the much-needed boost and the connection that seemed lost was rekindled. They then decide to do this week after week. You don’t need a power cut to disconnect. Do you?

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