How Many Gifts Should You Have in Your Bridal Registry – a Guide for Indian Couples

Weddings are a time of limitless joy, fun and beauty. With the wedding season upon us very soon, it is only natural for the couple to start feeling nervous about so many different things: the decor, the food, venue, the list goes on. There is also one very important part of weddings that they need to think about and that is the bridal registry. While the wedding gift registry can be a new concept in India, many couples are embracing it as it eases the process in so many ways. 

So, you have found the perfect service for gift registry in india and you have amazing assistance helping you with your wedding. But the biggest question still looms: how many gifts should you have in your bridal registry? Where will you find a guide to help you with the gift-adding? Seems like the cupids extended their services and brought you here to us because we have put together the best guide for you!  

If you think about it, the marriage gift registry is sort of a wishlist for the newly married couple. You are starting a new life and moving into a newlywed home. You will need many things to kickstart it all. But the idea of adding things to a list and creating one, especially related to gifts that you want, can be quite overwhelming. 

Here are a few ways to tell you to enjoy the task of adding things to your registry:

  1. Think of this task as a key milestone in your journey as a couple. You have been together for a while and agreed to spend the rest of your life. And in the process of planning this wedding, including enrolling yourselves with a gift registry, is a precious time of bonding. 
  2. Most of the gifts for your wedding are going to be things that you absolutely need such as decorating your house or more functional things to run a household. There is a lot to look forward to in that regard. 
  3. Your bridal registry is something where you can be unapologetically yourself. This is all about you and what your partner wants. Go all out and explore many options in putting together your registry list. 
  4. If you don’t take our word for how wonderful and calming the process of creating a marriage gift registry is, we have a couple who actually did it and have their thoughts to share on why every millennial couple should create a gift registry. 

Now that you are convinced that this is totally needed, let’s get into the brass tacks. The internet is filled with many ideas to help you put it together but first you need to be clear about what you want so you don’t get confused. 

  • If you are moving into a new home, think of items from kitchen essentials to electronic appliances. 
  • In case you already have a furnished home and want to redecorate it, think of adding your aesthetic bits and bobbles.
  • If you don’t have any specific goals like that, then just go to town and have some fun with making your registry list and fill it with anything you want.

So, how many gifts should you exactly add to a gift registry? 

The number of gifts to add to a registry actually come down to the number of guests you are inviting to your wedding. Do simple math of multiplying the guest list number by 2 and add a few extras. And there you have the magic number of gifts to add to your registry! 

Think about this from your guests’ POV as well: 

  • They’d like to have a couple of options to choose from while shopping for you at the registry. 
  • Having more than one option will make them feel like they’re making a good purchase for you. 
  • While creating your registry, always keep in mind the range of prices of the gifts that you add. 
  • Keep low to the high range so that it gives the guests plenty of options to choose from and be able to shop within their budget. This will also enable guests to decide whether to do individual or group gifting. 

Do the adding of your gifts over a period. Most of the shopping from the bridal registry happens a few months or sometimes a few weeks before the actual wedding date. It is your responsibility to keep updating the registry list so that it helps your loved ones to choose gifts according to their budget plans. “Gift registries make life easier and convenient for us and them”, say Tina and Sonny as they talk about how their guests reacted to the idea of having a gift registry for their wedding. 

Any number of gift adding guides on the internet or otherwise cannot help you decide what you want your gift registry to contain. Like every other aspect of the wedding, the bridal registry also has to reflect on who you are as a couple. While many lists and studies show that the most common gifts to ask for are home and kitchen appliances, this is a time for you to decide what you and your significant other truly want as gifts from your loved ones. With the advent of technology (and the pandemic) making everything done online, you can now create online registries for your guests to buy from online stores as well! 

In conclusion, here are a roundup of final points to keep in mind while adding gifts to your marriage gift registry: 

  • Add twice as many gifts as your guest list and some more to give your loved ones some options to choose from. 
  • Have a wide price range while choosing gifts to add to your registry. 
  • Add gifts that you really want and that your guests will enjoy actually purchasing for you. 

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