Nail Your Wedding Guest Excel

We agree, making a wedding guest list excel for your wedding may not be as fun or exciting as cake tastings or choosing flowers. But we’ve got you covered, and these tips will help you get it right…


Usually, the couple gets to invite half the guests, and each set of parents get a quarter of that. So, if you plan on inviting 100 guests, you would get 50, and each parent gets 25 each, especially if they are contributing financially. Studies have shown this is the most drama-free approach, a three-way split of the guest list.

When you begin making a list, put down everyone you can imagine attending your wedding, from old school friends to that funny fourth cousin you met once at another family function. But you need to take a firm stand if you want to keep the guest-list count real, and also fit your budget. Set cutting rules and adhere to it.


Don’t feel bad if your RSVP rate is not a 100 percent. Everybody does love you, but there are real-world conditions like travel costs, bosses giving holidays, and unchangeable plans to consider. You know your guests, your family is always going to show up, but what about those school/college friends of yours who may be broke or are living far away.

The Wedding Guest List Excel

Alright, now that we have got the basics in place, let’s get a crash course on how to build the perfect Wedding Guest List Excel. This spreadsheet should contain all the obvious facts and more if possible. It is going to be your one-stop shop for all wedding-guest related information. An exhaustive spreadsheet would contain the following details:

  • Name and Address
  • Contact information (phone and email – you’ll need them if people forget to RSVP)
  • Likelihood of attending the wedding (you are inviting your father’s aunt, who lives on another continent, we both know she’s not coming)
  • Events guests are invited to (Mehndi? Sangeet? Wedding? Reception? Instagram Live?) and their plus ones
  • Dietary choices and limitations
  • Their travel and lodging arrangements (hotels, dates of arrivals, flight timings, etc)

Don’t Fall Into the Parental Pressure

Hey, rules are rules, and no one is above the law. Be aware that if your mum insists on inviting her entire yoga class, either partner will have to give up some of your invites. It’s easier said than done but give in now and more requests are going to follow.

All this is and so much more coming your way if you’ve taken up the role of a wedding planner. But if you want one thing (like the guest list Excel) off you, then you could try the Guested app.

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