While you are preparing for your big day, getting all details sorted is important. Makeup is something that you cant afford to ignore. Specially your eyes. Be it smoky or natural, one minute streak of imperfection and your whole look can go south. So, its better to seek advice from the best. And who better than Chandni Singh to help you get your indian bridal eye makeup strokes right.

indian bridal eye makeup tips

She tells us all about the hottest eye make up trends and what key factors to keep in mind while applying those fine hues to your eyelids.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

C.S: I like to enhance the beauty of my bride naturally.  My style isn’t over the top & yet I won’t call it extremely nude as well. The skin remains dewy  & minimal, however, I make sure no dark circles or problem areas are visible. I play with color on the lips & prefer earthy tones for the eyes. Fake lashes is always a good idea.

how to do bridal eye makeup

Could you please tell us about the hottest/ latest eye makeup trends for brides

C.S: Metallic eye shadows/ glitter is the hottest trend for eyes this season. Fake lashes also look dramatic & bold.

What are a few key things that one should be aware of while deciding on what kind of eye makeup to wear as a bride?

C.S: I usually see women fanning over kohl for their eyes. However, I do not recommend it for women who have smaller eyes. If you are wearing a loud/ bright hued outfit I suggest do not match it to your eye lids. Right kind of fake lashes always enhances the look. Give those brows some fabulous definition so that those eyes totally pop out.

how to do bridal eye makeup step by step

What kind of eye makeup do you suggest for different occasions such as?


  1. Mehendi / Sangeet:  Keep it flirty & girly. No loud colors. You could perhaps use pretty peach or pink shade.  A winged eyeliner which enhances the shape of your eyes with a coral / pink lipstick totally works
  2. Cocktail: Keep it glamorous.  Intense smokey eyes in tones of black/ brown/ deep blue/ deep green totally works & make you look glamorous.
  3. Wedding ceremony: Smokey eyes in earthy tones with a light or bright lipstick that works with your outfit & personality.
  4. Reception: Matt smokey eyes with a lipstick that works for your outfit & personality

eye makeup tips with pictures

Your pro-tips to get your eye makeup on point without any fuss
  1. Must use an eye shadow base to keep the eye makeup in place for a long time
  2. Water proof eyeliner & mascara is what brides should stick to
  3. If you are confused about what would work for you remember,  you cant go wrong with tones of gold & browns on your eyes.
How do you ensure safety/care of your eyes after you have removed the makeup? Any particular advice?

C.S: Use a makeup remover which works for water proof mascara and liner or you will unnecessarily rub you eyes excessively. A good makeup remover removes every trace without rubbing. If u have sensitive eyes & you also wear contact lenses  stick to gentle products like Bioderma Sensibio h2O

latest eye makeup trends for brides

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