Wedding tips from Indian Brides that Nobody will Give You!

“Book a makeup artist who knows airbrush makeup for Indian brides”

“Always get a pen drive of the unedited version of pictures as a backup.”

“Don’t plan a lavish meal. Keep it simple. You save on food wastage and money that way.”

If you’re getting engaged, get used to being inundated with wedding planning advice. While some bits of information may be useful, most are more obvious or unnecessary than you think. So keep the advice from non-experienced people at bay and take advice from the pros. By pros, we mean Indian brides who have been there and done that in the recent past.

Here is some real advice from Indian brides that will make the wedding planning process sane, manageable and more efficient!

Wedding Tips from Indian Brides
Wedding Tips from Indian Brides

#1. Get started 6 months prior to the wedding

“Everything went very smoothly for us and we were quite ‘chill’ during the wedding planning journey. But that’s only because we practically had a year to put this together” – Chanchal

Chanchal & Benedict
Chanchal & Benedict

Chanchal and Benedict had an imperfectly perfect wedding and the bride was full of tips after the big day. While the couple wanted to have a small wedding, she didn’t know when her guest list went from 100 to 1000. But with a year to plan and some smart tech options to make wedding planning easy, the duo got their wedding game right.

What can you take away from this Wedding?

While a year seems impractical for so many reasons (in the case of an arranged marriage – impossible), 6 months is definitely do-able. At least if the big things on your plate are done 6 months before the wedding, you can get the small things right. Indian brides, here’s how to get the big things sorted.

Gauge the guest list – Have an approximate idea of the number of guests attending the wedding and send out an initial round of RSVPs. There are some brilliant RSVP managers out there which can help you do this via email or call.

Decode the décor – Once the guest list is ready, figure out the kind of venue you want for the wedding. While a summer wedding calls for a venue that is indoors, a spring wedding can be in an open lawn. And if you’re living in a place like Bangalore where the weather can be erratic its safe to plan an indoor wedding.

Food is bae, so you need to get it right – The success of a wedding is determined by its food. While this may seem like a simple thing, you have got to get it right. Deciding from a range of cuisines, menus and getting that under budget will be a task. Trust us, getting that off your head 6 months before the wedding will definitely help a lot.

2) Create a Gift Registry

“We started our new home with all the love from our wedding guests.” –  Nishtha Kanal

Nishtha and Sunnieth
Nishtha and Sunneith

Nishtha and Sunneith, a musician and journalist duo, decided to move to Bangalore after the wedding. They created a wedding gift registry that included all the things they would need to set up a new home – homeware, kitchenware, appliances, furniture, home decor, etc. The gift registry solved half their problems of home shopping and all their guests got to buy them the wedding gifts that would become a part of their new life together. At the end of it all, they didn’t have to spend crazy amounts of money setting up their home. 

What can you take away from the wedding?

If you’re thinking, “I’m not moving out, I’m staying with my in-laws’ so I can’t/ don’t need to create a gift registry”, let us stop you right there. A gift registry is for EVERY COUPLE. All you do differently is add different kinds of wedding gifts to your gift registry. Here are some commonly added wedding gifts by Indian brides who are staying with their in-laws

Kitchenware – A new entrant into the family calls for a kitchen makeover. Kitchenware is any home’s basic need. From flatware to beautiful crockery, all of it can be added to the gift registry. 

Home Decor – Couples can add that special touch to the house with wedding gifts that make a beautiful house prettier. Add the right accents with chic vases, statement lamps and art-inspired rugs.

Honeymoon packages – Who doesn’t like to go on an all-expenses-paid holiday. The gift registry is you crowdfunding for the big vacation. 

Experiences – While most people say a spa voucher is the most common wedding gift, it’s one of the most useful too. Who is ever content with just one body massage in a lifetime?

3) Wedding receptions don’t have to be boring. 

“We didn’t stand on the stage for our wedding reception” – Shubha Lal

Shubha and Arvind tied the knot in a two-states wedding. She is a Rajasthani and he, a Tam-Brahm. They picked the best of both traditions and clubbed it to make a celebration that was convenient for themselves and the guests. A one-day wedding celebration, an offbeat reception and an open bar for guests is what made the wedding a fun affair. The wedding reception was the highlight of the day. The couple didn’t want to stand on stage, fake smiling at guests for the heck of it. They made it intimate by having round tables at the venue and meeting every guest as they came without having to be on stage. They anyway had the wedding gift registry to take care of their wedding gifts. 

Shubha and Arvind
Shubha and Arvind

What do you take away from this wedding?

It’s not easy to convince the family to do an offbeat wedding reception like Shubha’s. But once you have managed to do that, be ready to have a  blast at your wedding. Here’s how you can ditch the stage at your wedding and make it a fun event for everybody. 

Combine the cocktail party with the reception – Nobody wants a drunk bride and groom on the stage. Turn your wedding reception into a party. 

Take the wedding games route – This is a good way to keep your guests entertained. It also gives you some time off from everybody without being in the spotlight all the time.

Do a wedding gift registry  – This will solve half your problems. With a gift registry, your guests can buy you whatever you want and it will get delivered to your preferred address whenever you want. 

Hire a candid wedding photographer – Candid wedding photographers add life to every picture. They are your saviours from jaw hurting smiling.  

A special wedding wishlist tip – No matter what, have fun!

Your wedding is your day. So Indian brides, plan it the way you like but don’t stress if things don’t go your way. It’s not a wedding until things go haywire. All you can do is enjoy the process and let go. For more wedding advice, follow

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