Here’s how this Indian Couple had a Smart Wedding!

“So when we decided to get married, I thought the first thing we should do is to find a gift registry and the first registry we found is Wedding Wishlist,” said Johan. When Johan and Reshma tied the knot in August they knew they wanted to avoid all the repetitive gifts for their wedding. What started as an only gift cards registry for this Indian couple turned out to be a registry with 70 gifts with a mix of homeware, home decor and furniture. 

Here’s the story of this Indian couple…

Indian Couple Johan & Reshma
Indian Couple Johan & Reshma

Johan and Reshma met 4 years ago at a football match. While Reshma had an instant crush on him from the first moment, eventually it grew into a much deeper bond that you’d call friendship. Johan was a soulmate to her. She would go to him with boyfriend problems and always try to set him up with people. “Whenever I am stuck I think ‘What would Johan do?” said Reshma. She didn’t realise it then but she was probably in love. 

Their friendship went on normally and things started to change for the better in 2019. This Indian couple developed a bond like no other and in no time did they went from best friends to girlfriend-boyfriend. It was an easy jump. 

The grand proposal!

It was a sunny day and the couple had decided to go surfing. While Reshma wore some casual surf clothes, Johan ended up in a suit. Deciding to ditch the surfing plan for a quiet lunch took a long drive to the lunch place. Little did Reshma know that she was going to up for a big surprise. Soft music playing in the background, a secret video recorder and a man down one knee was all it took for Reshma to realise that she is being proposed to. “There was no way in hell I would lose out on the chance to spend my whole life with my best friend.”

Why a smart wedding?

“We won’t be getting 10 pressure cookers and 10 casseroles. We’re getting what we need and we’re going to be using all that stuff for starting our new home.” As somebody who had lived in the U.S Johan knew he had to do a gift registry for sure. Reshma obliged and the two ended up with wedding gifts that helped them set up their new home. 

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