5 Lessons to Learn from this Indian Couple Story in 2019!

They say ’You eventually end up with the person you are destined to be with.” That’s exactly what happened with Aditi and Animesh. Best friends from school, Animesh knew very early on that he’d found his “soul mate” in Aditi! But convincing Aditi to see the obvious took him 6 long years. “What followed were 7 years of a long-distance relationship, a wedding and a whole lot of wisdom on making it work!” says this Indian couple.

Indian Couple Aditi & Animesh
Indian Couple Aditi & Animesh

Take a cue from this Indian couple on how to take your wedding planning and your relationship to the next level.

Lesson #1 – Love knows no distance

Long-distance relationships can be tricky. Here’s how they made it work. 

“Animesh asked me out when we were in school. I felt it was too early to be in a relationship so I decided to be friends with him. We continued being friends throughout, sticking by each other through thick and thin. 6 years later our bond grew stronger and I realised that this was more than friendship,” says a happy Aditi.

 As fate would have it that was the start of their long-distance relationship. Aditi says that it worked out well for them as the two of them were ambitious in life and for them, the fact they could bank on each other was more than enough. “Long-distance relationships helped us achieve our dreams, gave us our space and also brought us closer – emotionally,” says the bride. 

Lesson #2 – Get married ONLY when the time is right 

Most couples decide to get married 3 or 4 years into the relationship. Aditi & Animesh decided to give it as much time as it needed – even if it meant waiting for 7 years and doing an MBA post the wedding. As you must have already understood, Aditi and Animesh were very career-driven. This Indian couple decided to prioritize their careers before rushing into marriage, although 7 years was not enough to achieve the big dreams they had. As you read this Aditi is flying off to do her Masters.

Lesson #3 – Let the moms do the wedding planning

When the long-distance drama was over it was finally time to get married. That decision came with a lot of ups and downs. “When we hired wedding planners, we realized our moms could do a better job. From the decor and venue to invitations, food and photography, our moms managed the show like pros. Although there was one bit of the wedding that we took care of and that was the wedding gifts.” said Aditi with a smile.

Lesson#4 – Create a gift registry

Aditi & Animesh’ guest list had a lot of guests from outside of India. The wedding gift registry helped the guests buy this Indian couple what they needed without worrying about carrying the gifts all the way down to India. It also helped guests who didn’t make it to the wedding buy them something they wanted. 

Lesson #5 – Enjoy every bit of your planning because it’s all going to work out fine. 

“Had I known getting married and being among people you love felt so good I wouldn’t have worried so much during the planning phase,” says an emotional Aditi. During the planning phase, she worried a lot about how things would go and always had the nagging fear of things falling apart. Little did she know that at that moment what would matter most is that all her loved ones were around. She also adds, “Such emotional moments are bound to get to your face. Don’t let those tears roll. Your wedding pictures are important too.”

So if you’re a bride who is worrying too much or just another millennial wondering how to get that long-distance relationship right, just believe that it will work out for the best. And if you’re doing the smart thing by creating a gift registry like this Indian couple, then simply sign up with Wedding Wishlist!

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