A 2-States Style Indian Wedding

The best weddings are ones that make everyone happy! When they’re stress-free and fun, not just for the guests but also the couple. It makes for a celebration to remember. And that’s exactly what Wedding Wishlist couple Shubha and Arvind did for their big day. They had an Indian wedding that defined how they would want their married life to be—memorable, enjoyable and a perfect mix of traditional and modern!

A celebration of 2 states

This Delhi-based couple had a “2-States” kind of situation, where a Rajasthani entrepreneur and Tam-Bram lawyer decided to get married in a ceremony that celebrated the best of both worlds. “We didn’t want two weddings, so we just combined the best of everything! While the wedding was a morning ritual in the Tam-Bram tradition, the party that followed celebrated everything North Indian. After all, the essence of different cultural rituals remain the same,” says Shubha.

Indian_Weddings_ Shubhalal

Indian Weddings – Shubhalal Arvind

The Unconventional route

The couple abandoned the norm and went for everything that made them and their guests happy! A single-day celebration that packed in the wedding, sangeet and reception ensured that guests didn’t have to turn up day-after-day, bleary-eyed, for the same occasion. Going paperless with wedding invitation cards helped reduce paper wastage and the hassle of sending out physical cards. And a wedding gift registry ensured that guests could walk in stress-free and hands-free and waste-free. They knew they got the couple something they would love!

Indian weddings that are goals

Indian weddings that are goals

“When we first started planning the wedding, Arvind told me he didn’t want any wedding gifts and my first reaction was ‘that’s NOT happening’,” laughs Shubha. “Since I was clear I wasn’t doing the no-gifts thing, we decided to go about it in a smarter way.” Having attended weddings abroad, the couple was familiar with the concept of gift registries. They decided to create one with Wedding Wishlist. “Creating a gift registry was so simple, and Wedding Wishlist allowed us to add anything from any website! And Arvind, who started out not wanting gifts, was the most excited about this and added pretty much everything!,” says Shubha.

Did the guests love it as much as the couple?

What made the couple most happy was their guests’ reaction to the entire celebration. “Ours’ was a day-affair, so post an early morning wedding, we had a reception and sangeet with a live band, performances by friends & family and an open bar,” says Shubha. Guests were sprawled in the garden, the couple walked around mingling and live music filled the air. “We got such amazing feedback from our friends and family, especially the ones who came from outside Delhi. They got to experience the best of both traditions, didn’t have to carry a gift or cash to Delhi, and knew their gifts would become a loving part of our lives!”


Wedding Gift Registry Couples

The wedding was a reflection of the couple’s love. The story of how they decided to marry was filled with the same ease and warmth. Having known of each other since school-days they were formally introduced by a common friend a few years back. “Arvind proposed to me after our first date, and I was like no way! Isn’t it creepy to propose to a girl within 24 hours of meeting her? So for the next year, he proposed about a 100 times. I finally gave in, and I still tease him about that,” she smiles.

But as she talks affectionately of their love and journey so far, you know you’re talking to a couple that has got everything on their Wishlist, including each other!

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  1. I happened to be Arvinds youngest aunt from his father’s side ( Bua in Hindi or athai in Tamizh,I came from Chennai. Every word Tanvi wrote was true. Every moment we enjoyed and not only Arvind we also fell in love with Shubha instantly. God bless our children. No sambandi or sambandh dominating or demanding or any kind of misunderstanding s. Wish more such marriages happen instead of such lavish 2/3 days of marriage affair which is happening these days, looks like some kind of rat race is taking place to show who is more rich.

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