7 Things to Know Before Hiring Indian Wedding Photographers

Weddings are times that you’d like to cherish forever. The best way you can do it is by hiring competent photographers and videographers who’ll freeze the moment for you for all of time. But it is easy for a detail such as hiring a Wedding Photographer to be eclipsed by choosing the perfect dress and having the most beautiful venue, but prioritising is an important part of wedding planning. When it comes to hiring Indian wedding photographers there are certainly a few things that should be your starting point and priority. They’ll help in choosing the best wedding photographers and also ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Indian Wedding Photographers
Indian Wedding Photographers

So here are some pointers when selecting Indian wedding photographers:

#1. It needs to be a top priority

Weddings are filled with storytelling potential. The crowd in attendance are celebratory and inherently romantic. There are people reminiscing about the couple’s past, spirits are high and music is playing.  The physical and emotional energy is charged, and all this makes for good photography. But the wedding photographer does more than simply clicking pictures to document this beautiful night. A good wedding photographer immortalizes the occasion by combining their mastery of the camera in a dynamic environment, as well as possessing the social skills to navigate the crowds and festivities, capturing those perfect candids and genuinely beautiful moments of the night, without getting in the way of proceedings.

#2. Do your research

Wedding photography in India isn’t what it was, say ten years ago. Back then the photographer would show up with his videographer assistant- click the standard “wedding” shots, while his assistant captures surveillance like video of the entire wedding. In the end, you’re left with an album of heavily edited pictures and CCTV footage of all the proceedings. But fear not, Indian wedding photographers have come a long way since then.  The first thing you want to do is figure out which style of wedding photography you want the photographer to use while covering your wedding.

#3. Choose the right Photography Style

Broadly it breaks down into three types; traditional or classic, balanced, and photojournalistic. A traditional photographer does things the standard way; they are right in the middle of proceedings, orchestrating the crowd to fit into the frame. A photojournalistic photographer is somewhat like a reality TV cameraman, you would never find them asking people to pose or look into the camera, instead they move around capturing the evening as it progresses. A balanced photographer incorporates both of these aspects. But if you are leaning toward a certain style its best you let them know beforehand.

#4. Get your Money’s worth

Indian wedding photographers have a list of various packages to offer. Some of them combine all expenses into one package, whereas some of them allow you to customize the packages. Generally, photographers come up with the package of a photo album and wedding video. This may seem like the perfect solution, but, it’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. It is important that you thoroughly go through previous albums and wedding videos of each and every photographer you have shortlisted. This helps you decide on which photographer is going to capture your day in the way which is most suited to your expectations. I would suggest you go with a professional who does photography as their sole living. This is because professionals are equipped to deal with all possible wedding scenarios and provide state-of-the-art equipment

#5. Band or DJ? Photographer or Videographer?

It’s best to have a separate photographer and videographer. Have sit-downs with both of them to make your ideas known. They are going to be around you for the entire occasion. Which is why you need to feel comfortable around them to get the best out of your pictures and videos. Most wedding photography packages in India would include an engagement shoot, a pre-wedding shoot, and finally the wedding itself. Videographers will provide you with a five-minute trailer, as well as a forty five minute to an hour of cinematic wedding footage. The Marigold Company is one such company that documents the entire wedding with their fly-on-the-wall style of shooting. They capture the moments unobtrusively whilst avoiding those staged clichéd type shots. There are many such photographers who specialize in candid photography. With a little research, you can find the best photographer whose style resonates with you.

#6. Know your rights

With that being said, professional Indian wedding photographers will make it known to you the various clauses in their contract. For instance, they can use your pictures to promote their websites or even for advertising. This also means that you can’t share any of the digital proofs that they send you unless and until it is watermarked. Which is why you should know your rights; all of these terms can be negotiated before you hire them.

#7. Pre-Shoot Preparations

On the day, it’s important to remember that your photographer is the professional. While it still helps- I wouldn’t suggest spending too much time on providing them with a detailed list of pictures you expect. Instead, you can provide them with a timeline of what the days are going to be like. So that they’re at the right place at the right time, along with an idea of what images you expect. Most brides have a make-up trial a few days prior. I would suggest taking the photographer along to get some sample shots under various lighting conditions to have a good understanding of the bride’s best angles.

Finalising on Indian wedding photographers can be very overwhelming as there are many things to consider. But we at wedding-wishlist have you covered. The above points will help you choose the best wedding photographer to immortalize your most special day.

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