A Couple Followed This Wedding Trend and Never Regretted It!

How a search for the latest Indian wedding trends led this bride to have a smart wedding!

Every girl dreams of being a bride. And every bride wants her wedding to be different.

That’s how Tanvi’s journey started. When planning her wedding, she wanted it to be special, on-trend, and remembered. “I was looking for fresh and new ideas for wedding planning when I came across the wedding gift registry,” says the bride, who was completely intrigued by the concept.  

Tanvi & Harsh
Tanvi & Harsh

Anyway, on a lookout for new ideas, Tanvi created a gift registry for her wedding. What started out as an experiment led to her getting pretty much all the gifts she wanted. “I was initially hesitant about this idea, but warmed up to it slowly”, says Harsh, still rejoicing about the fact that duo has absolutely no gifts to recycle. “Even though a registry allows you to choose the gifts you want, we wanted the flexibility of deciding what we needed post the wedding, and so put gift cards from all my favourite brands in our registry,” adds the duo as they begin purchases for their “Home Sweet Home” with the gift cards.

Wedding Wishlist couple  - Tanvi & Harsh
Wedding Wishlist couple – Tanvi & Harsh

How did her guests react to a concept like this?

“The thing that couples don’t do is talk about wedding gifts. Even when guests ask, couples generally nod their heads and say they are okay with anything. But I was vocal about the things I wanted and I really appreciate the fact that my friends, family and relatives supported me in all my endeavors. “

Tanvi and Harsh had a lot of guests flying in from abroad and while the registry concept was not new to them, what was a pleasant surprise was that this wedding trend had now arrived in India.

The couple who followed the registry wedding trend - Tanvi & Harsh
The couple who followed the registry wedding trend – Tanvi & Harsh

How did the couple meet?

Tanvi and Harsh belonged to the same friend circle and although they hung out together, they never really got to know each other well. “It was the evening of Ganesh Chaturthi and there was complete chaos outside so we stayed indoors. We spent 3 days together, talking about life and ourselves, and it turned out to be magical. It made us realize that there were sides to each other that we didn’t think existed. It was a feeling I can’t describe.” exclaims Tanvi. Things moved very fast after that. They dated for about a year and then there was a grand proposal. “It was a dramatic aquatic proposal. Water is our love. He was there on his knees inside the water and I couldn’t stop myself from saying ‘YES’!!” writes an ecstatic Tanvi on her wedding website.

Contradictory to their easy and smooth dating life, the wedding was a royal but beautiful mess. With freezing temperatures, a super late arrival by the groom, a cute fight before the morning wedding and an exhausted couple at the wedding reception—Tanvi and Harsh’s wedding story is more than just a series of ‘Oh My God’s!’

If you’re looking at adopting this wedding trend and stand up for the stuff you want, we’re just a phone call or email away.

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